Academic Coaching

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Coaching is a method of teaching and learning drawn on social constructivist learning theory. It offers the opportunity to improve self-monitoring by fostering habits that will identify deficits and create goals to mitigate them in the educational process. Through academic coaching process, students can examine their learning styles, habits of studying, and current difficulties or barriers to success; understand how their use of time and levels of organization or disorganization impact their studies as a result they can create more effective strategies which provide academic success and satisfaction.
The course offers theoretical basis and practices for educators to want to heighten awareness of students what it takes to achieve academic success with a supportive relationship, and personal accountability.
To read the course brochure, please visit course website.

Methods used during the course are case studies, role-playing, debate, brainstorming, group activity, presentation.

The daily programme can be personalized on participants needs and expectations.

1. Developing academic coaching competences;
a. Understanding principles and ethical rules of academic coaching.
b. Acquiring coaching skills such as active listening, setting smart goals, giving feedback, encouraging learners, building trust, establishing parameters of the relationship, ethical considerations including confidentiality and boundary issues, asking questions.
c. Being aware of strengths and difficulties in coaching.
d. Analyzing verbal and non-verbal communication barriers.
e. Getting an insight best practices about coaching in special Education
f. Understanding elements of coach- student- parent relationship.
g. Creating coaching culture awareness in classroom.
h. Analyzing connections between coaching, learning, improvement, success and resilience.
i. Establishing a coaching pedagogy in the classroom.
2. Elaborating knowledge and understanding about motivation;
a. Comparing theories of motivation.
b. Explaining how to motivate students in the light of theories.
c. Discovering ways of reinforcing students to develop positive self-worth and getting an insight how they learn better.
3. Gaining awareness about special needs of inclusive students, children of condemned parents, divorced parents and coming from child protection agency.
4. Enriching communication, team-working, active listening skills.
5. Improving foreign language competences.
6. Greater understanding social, linguistic and cultural diversity.
7. Strengthening lifelong learning understanding.
8. Increasing motivation and satisfaction in their daily work.

Target Audience:
Teachers, educational counsellors, headmasters, managers, school management and administrative staff working in primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, and vocational schools, NGO staff
Language of the course
The course is held in English.

The fee includes:
- Course materials
- Catering during the course
- Administrative support- Europass and certificates
- City guided tours in Ankara and Cappadocia
- Airport transfer and transport

Minimum number of the participants is 7.

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Cengiz Egitim Proje Turizm Danismanlik Ltd. Sti
Ankara, Türkiye

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Cengiz Egitim Proje Turizm Danismanlik Ltd. Sti
Cengiz  Egitim Proje Turizm Danismanlik Ltd. Sti
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