English language for teachers – “How to talk and teach about Europe”

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This is a specifically designed course for teachers of all subjects as well as English language teachers who want to improve their own English language skills and upgrade their lessons by implementing new pedagogical ideas, learning methods and knowledge in the field of European studies.

This course aims to give participants a basic knowledge of reading, listening, spoken and written skills in a dynamic and communicative way, through individual, pair and group work. There will also be a lecture and possibility to converse with the expert. The unique element of this training course are the activities carried outdoors in Kraków – UNESCO heritage site. While sightseeing with a professional tour guide participants will have the opportunity to learn about European heritage, our culture roots, history, unknown facts, architecture, migrations and many others. During reflection sessions there will be time to exchange opinion and develop own point of view and teaching ideas. Thanks to this training participants will both increase their English language skills and learn how to talk and teach about Europe in a more professional way.

As the result of this course participants will:

Improve writing, pronunciation and reading skills in English
Develop inter-cultural communication skills
Be able to attend international conferences, events as well as school and business meetings where English is the working language
Increase the knowledge about European heritage and culture and gain the ability to talk and teach about these issues in English
Learn how to implement European dimension in their lessons
Get tips on how to update your own lessons – reflection talks
Implement creative learning tools and update your pedagogical approach
Use new tools for exams, listening comprehension, and vocabulary tests
Activate your learners by using different learning games and outdoor activities
This course is designed to be very flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the participants. This course is ideal (but not limited to) for teachers/educators who have an Elementary (A2), Pre-intermediate (A2/B1) or an intermediate (B1) language levels, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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