ICAM: Including Children Affected by Migration

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The ICAM (Including Children Affected by Migration) programme is an Erasmus+ programme designed to ensure that children who have been affected by migration can access education. The programme helps schools to create a safe and secure environment for children affected by migration to enable them to take full advantage of their education.

ICAM aims to achieve inclusion and better learning conditions through enhancing a climate of ‘Convivencia’ (a Spanish term roughly translated as ‘living in harmony’ and used to indicate a positive environment), raising awareness among school staff, families, and others on the rights of children affected by migration, and providing additional support for children’s social and emotional learning (SEL).

The ICAM resource pack assists schools in preparing for and providing support for schools across Europe to help welcome and include Ukrainian children in five essential areas:

-Understanding the experiences of refugee children and how they may be affected.

-Effective whole school support for the induction of displaced children.

-Restoring social and emotional well-being.

-Ensuring safety and responsible behaviour in school and when using the internet.

-Forming a partnership with parents/carers for ongoing social and emotional wellbeing at home.

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