E-tool for preventing bullying

Swedish education is built on respect for human rights and fundamental democratic values such as inviolability of human life, equal value of all people, respect for the individual?s personal integrity and gender equality. In accordance with these values, there is a strong emphasis that all education should be inclusive and actively prevent discrimination and harassment in all forms, which includes bullying.

All schools are required to have a systematic way of promoting anti-discrimination and measures to prevent harassment and bullying. Since 1 January 2009, therefore, each school or kindergarten is required to establish an annual plan for equal treatment in which all preventive measures and routines against harassment and bullying are described.

The Ombudsman against Discrimination (DO), has launched an e-tool to aid schools in writing the plan. The e-tool includes all aspects required by law: preventive measures and routines for emergency situations, as well as actions taken by the school if discrimination, harassment, unequal treatment, or bullying occurs. It provides help for setting up the school or kindergarten plan against discrimination and degrading treatment. The tool is free to use and has been developed by the DO in collaboration with the Child and School Student Representative at the School Inspectorate and the National Agency.

The tool guides the school leader, kindergarten director or otherwise responsible person step by step through the different components of the plan. Along the way, he/she gets also a variety of practical tips and advice as well as references to laws and guidelines. A model of the tool in pdf-format and further information are available on the website (www.planforskolan.se).

The e-tool lists preventive actions that are planned, and issues that should be addressed. These include:

  • participation of learners and staff in the development of the plan
  • dissemination of the plan
  • evaluation of the previous plan and a description of how to evaluate the present plan
  • mapping of the present situation and places (if there may be spaces or times when learners feel more vulnerable or exposed)
  • preventive measures
  • routines for emergency situations
Primary; Secondary
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