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Teacher well-being is a positive emotional state that combines the personal needs and expectations of both learners and their teachers. Teacher well-being and job satisfaction strongly influence teacher behaviour and are positively related to school and classroom climate and pupil achievement. Research also shows a positive relationship between teachers‘ motivation and learner performance and well-being. Moreover, teacher well-being is related to job retention of highly-qualified teachers, which is especially important for schools with high-needs learners. Teacher well-being and self-efficacy also helps to prevent early school leaving, so it is crucial that teachers receive the support they need.

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School innovation in Europe: making students the owners of their learning process though teacher empowerment in the Tjotter school

In 2011/2012, the Dutch School Inspectorate concluded that student results in the Tjotter school were too low. The school used to have a negative pedagogical climate, and suffered from a loss of trust between school and parents. Eventually, the school staff lost confidence in the former school leader and requested the school board to appoint a new leader. With an arrival of the current school leader four years ago, innovative processes started. A common view of education and teacher mutual learning was established, in addition to the culture of continuous improvement.

Key interventions:

  • improvement of teachers’ pedagogical and didactical skills: team schooling with subsequent follow up and monitoring within the learning community of teachers, individual coaching and change of personnel
  • creating student portfolios to make students the owners of their learning process while students were also encouraged to participate in its formation
  • other approaches being used at school: positive behaviour support; encouraging student participation and (direct) feedback on student’s results; ‘Teach like a Champion’; and HGW (Action Oriented Approach) for student differentiation.

Области: Школски одбор; Наставници/-ице; Подршка ученицима/-ицама; Укључивање родитеља; Укључивање заинтересованих страна

Подобласти: Школска култура и клима; Школско планирање и праћење; Руководство школе; Вештине и способности наставника/-ица; Наставници/-ице и њихови односи са ученицима/-ицама и родитељима; Почетно образовање наставника/-ица и Континуирани професионални развој наставника/-ица; Добробит наставника/-ица; Добробит ученика/-ица; Учешће ученика/-ица у школском животу; Наставни план и програм и путеви учења; Комуникација и информације; Укључивање родитеља у школском одбору; Мултидисциплинарни тимови; Мреже заинтересованих страна

Језик: EN

Држава: Холандија

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