Добробит наставника/-ица

Teacher well-being is a positive emotional state that combines the personal needs and expectations of both learners and their teachers. Teacher well-being and job satisfaction strongly influence teacher behaviour and are positively related to school and classroom climate and pupil achievement. Research also shows a positive relationship between teachers‘ motivation and learner performance and well-being. Moreover, teacher well-being is related to job retention of highly-qualified teachers, which is especially important for schools with high-needs learners. Teacher well-being and self-efficacy also helps to prevent early school leaving, so it is crucial that teachers receive the support they need.

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School innovation in Europe: Fostering equal chances for children from different social backgrounds by making learning more active at the Béla IV Primary School in Hejőkeresztúr

The ‘Complex Instruction Programme’ (CIP) provides equal chances for children from different social backgrounds. The method seeks to change children roles and responsibilities in active learning. CIP is based on four principles: (1) education involves a varied level of non-routine, open-end tasks to mobilise students of different abilities; (2) responsibility is shared, learners are responsible for their personal work while the group is responsible for individual achievements; (3) work is evaluated against set norms and roles; (4) hierarchy within the group - the status of the students is mobile. In addition, the school uses other innovative practices, such as a reading programme for the elementary grades where students regularly read aloud to each other in pairs, and then exchange their thoughts, and the ‘learning between generations’ programme where children draw their family trees and label each member with a special skill they have.

Области: Школски одбор; Наставници/-ице; Подршка ученицима/-ицама; Укључивање родитеља

Подобласти: Школска култура и клима; Вештине и способности наставника/-ица; Наставници/-ице и њихови односи са ученицима/-ицама и родитељима; Добробит наставника/-ица; Добробит ученика/-ица; Учешће ученика/-ица у школском животу; Наставни план и програм и путеви учења; Продужена настава и ваннаставне активности

Језик: EN

Држава: Мађарска

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