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A multidisciplinary approach to educational disadvantage and early school leaving (ESL) brings together professionals from within and beyond the school, including psychologists, social workers and health professionals. Multidisciplinary teams have the potential to offer a range of services to support young people at risk of educational disadvantage and ESL. This includes, for example, focus on children’s language development, mental health support, emotional support, bullying prevention skills, outreach to marginalised families and support for development of parenting skills.

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Multi-Interdisciplinary teams for early school leaving prevention

This paper seeks to examine evidence regarding the potential for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams to play a key role in the prevention of early school leaving. As part of developing a strategy for such multi/interdisciplinary teams, an important focus is on necessary and supportive conditions for their effectiveness, rather than a deterministic assumption of their inevitable effectiveness. The report highlights the need to provide strong strategic guidance to the teams on important issues to be engaged in by the teams such as mental health support, alternatives to suspension, marginalized families outreach, teacher conflict resolution and diversity training skills, bullying prevention skills, positive school climate promotion, engagement with parenting skills and a focus on children?s language development etc.

Области: Подршка ученицима/-ицама; Укључивање заинтересованих страна

Подобласти: Добробит ученика/-ица; Каријерно усмеравање и подршка; 3.9. Избеглице, мигранти и Роми; Усмерена подршка - неповољне социоекономске околности; Мултидисциплинарни тимови

Језик: BG; CZ; DA; DE; EL; EN; ES; ET; FI; FR; HR; HU; IT; LT; LV; MT; NL; PL; PT; RO; SK; SL; SV

Држава: Албанија; Аустрија; Белгија; Бугарска; Грчка; Данска; Естонија; Ирска; Исланд; Италија; Кипар; Летонија; Литванија; Луксембург; Малта; Мађарска; Немачка; Норвешка; Португалија; Пољска; Румунија; Северна Македонија; Словачка; Словенија; Србија; Турска; Уједињено Краљевство; Финска; Француска; Холандија; Хрватска; Чешка; Шведска; Шпанија

Our School - My Future

"Our School - My Future" was an ESL project initiated within the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for School Education. It aims to support cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices between schools from different countries across Europe.
Part of the problem of ESL is attributed to lack of support and guidance, disengagement from schooling, and secondary-level curricula which too often do not offer enough options for varied courses, alternative teaching pedagogies, experiential and other hands-on learning opportunities or sufficient flexibility and support.
The framework for this project was designed to focus mainly on in-school factors influencing ESL, such as teaching methods and curricular issues, positive/negative school climate, and the parents’ role as a contributing factor to ESL.
A distance education programme, “Promotion of healthy lifestyles and development of the students’ social skills through physical education and environmental activities” was offered to teachers from five partner countries. Some 65 teachers from Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Turkey had the opportunity to participate in this training programme, along with six academics who are also members of the Hellenic Academy of Physical Education.

Области: Школски одбор; Наставници/-ице; Подршка ученицима/-ицама; Укључивање заинтересованих страна

Подобласти: Школска култура и клима; Руководство школе; Вештине и способности наставника/-ица; Каријерно усмеравање и подршка; Наставни план и програм и путеви учења; Праћење ризичних ученика; Укључивање родитеља у школском одбору; Мултидисциплинарни тимови; Мреже заинтересованих страна

Језик: EN

Држава: Грчка; Пољска; Румунија; Турска; Шпанија

Wellbeing and Inclusion for New Educational Resources (WINER)

The Erasmus+ project Wellbeing and Inclusion for New Educational Resources (WINER) (2014-2016) was financed by the European Commission through KA2/Strategic Partnerships for School Education. It was carried out in the Vaslui region of Romania and in the Umbria region of Italy. In Romania there are a large number of children whose parents leave them in Romania in order to work in Italy, as well as a large number of children who have returned with their families due to the Italian economic crisis. The general objective of this project was to facilitate the inclusion of those Romanian children left at home and those who have returned, by developing a well-being-based school and community approach, applied both in Romania and Italy (respectively, the Vaslui and Umbria regions).

Области: Наставници/-ице; Подршка ученицима/-ицама; Укључивање заинтересованих страна

Подобласти: Вештине и способности наставника/-ица; Наставници/-ице и њихови односи са ученицима/-ицама и родитељима; Добробит ученика/-ица; Учење и оцењивање; Мултидисциплинарни тимови

Језик: EN

Држава: Италија; Румунија

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