Action Antibullying (AAB)

The project partners designed and implemented a new anti-bullying programme in schools in five EU countries. It drew on the experiences of existing programmes and practices originated by the project partners working in different cultural contexts.  It provided further evidence of effective approaches to the reduction of bullying in schools that will inform the development of improved child centred, whole school strategies for adoption at European level.

Project Objectives:
a) Raise awareness of all members of the school community - children and young people, parents and school staff about the harm that bullying causes and how children and young people can be protected. The project included solutions to the problem of rising incidents of cyber bullying in connection with the use of social networks. The project aimed to reach 6,000 young people; 180 school staff; about 4000 parents
b) Reduced number of incidents and impact of violence against children at school, resulting from an improved safe and secure whole school environment to live together in harmony.
c) Improved strategies and responses to incidences of bullying and to its causes to help avoid any recurrence.
d) Cascaded leadership training to empower all school staff and parents as change agents in reducing bullying and to educate children and young people in peer led strategies.
e) Further cooperation between schools and between schools and NGOs, local school administration and other outside agencies in the reduction of bullying by adopting an improved programme and a system of exchange of best practices.
f) The development of a school review instrument for monitoring bullying and evaluating the school organisation for bullying reduction, resulting in improved knowledge on effective programmes for the reduction of bullying at school.
g) Wide dissemination of the resulting programme.

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We had a European Union project against bullying With etwininng

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