Robotics and STEM in education

Robotics and STEM is a training course that promotes the role and contribution of robotics and of technology, engineering, math, and science (STEM) in learning. It aims to provide teachers with the theoretical framework of STEM and involve teachers in learning activities based in project-based learning through robotics. This course gives teachers the opportunity to experience through hands-on activities the STEM content, but also gain self-efficacy and a new view of their own capabilities as STEM teachers. Teachers will be able to develop the digital competences of their students and prepare them for the digital world by developing the skills of the 21st century (teamwork, problem solving, innovation, project management, programming, communication skills and cognitive skills related to analytic and synthetic thinking, creativity and critical thinking). This course is addressed to primary and secondary school teachers of any specialization, anyone who would like to improve their knowledge in Robotics and S.T.E.M. in education. The course will be based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.
Indicative Training Program (Day by Day):
Day 1:
- Welcome addressed to the participants by management
- Course outline
- Ice-breaking activities
- Introduction to Robotics and STEAM in Education: Explore different techniques and understand what STEM/STEAM/STREAMS is all about. Insight look on case studies and practical exercises on how to incorporate STEAM teaching in current curriculum and different age groups. Class Management tools and 21 century student centric classroom approaches are discussed.
Day 2:
- Intro to Robotics for Primary Schools
- Intro to Programming
- Intro to BeeBots / BlueBots
- Intro to Lego WeDo2
- Developing Classroom curriculum
- Practical sessions in using robotic equipment
Day 3:
- Intro to Robotics for Secondary Schools
- Intro to Programming
- Intro to Lego Mindstorms EV3
- Level 1 Developing Classroom curriculum using EV3
- Level 1 Practical sessions in using EV3 robotic equipment
Day 4:
- Incorporating Robotics for Secondary Schools
- Advance EV3 Programming
- Projects using Lego Mindstorms EV3
- Level 2 Developing Classroom curriculum using EV3
- Level 2 Practical sessions in using EV3 robotic equipment
Day 5:
- Final activities
- Evaluation of the course
- Diploma awarding
NOTE: Dates and Program may be subject to change!

Organizátor kurzu
Nicosia, Cyprus

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