Group Fitness Trends in Schools!

Group Fitness Trends in Schools is a training course that aims to offer experiences of various instructional approaches connecting to Physical Education through the use of group fitness programs. The participants will learn through theoretical and practical processes the fundamentals of functional training through the concept of group exercising, the value of exercising to music, group fitness activities in outdoor settings and the importance of using proper exercise techniques as these are proposed by professionals and academics experienced in the area of fitness and sport. The course will be based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. In order to conduct the practical modules, there will be outdoor visits by the beach or by Troodos Mountain Range. This course is addressed to primary and secondary education teachers of all specialties. Indicative Training Program (Day by Day):
Day 1:
- Welcome addressed to the participants by management
- Course outline
- Ice-breaking activities
- Introduction to Group Fitness Trends in Schools
Day 2:
- Core: Theory and practice:
Train like an athlete in 30 minutes. A strong core, from your shoulders to your hips, will improve your athletic performance, will help prevent back pain and give you ripped abs! Expert coaching and motivating music will guide you through functional and integrated exercises using your body weight and a towel!
- Fight: Theory and practice:
This 60 minute class of martial arts and boxing movements will kick your cardio fitness to the next level while defining and shaping your body and self confidence! Energetic music and a group environment will keep you punching, kicking and smiling!
Day 3:
- Yoga-Pilates: Theory and practice:
Redefine Your Self with a program combining yoga and pilates. Grow longer, stronger and improve your stamina as you explore this 60-minute journey using Υoga and Pilates fundamentals along with dynamic whole body movements.
- Outdoor yoga and pilates experience

- Groove: Theory and practice:
IF YOU CAN MOVE, YOU CAN GROOVE! Sweat with a smile during your energizing hour of dance fitness. Groove is a sizzling cardio experience that is a fusion of club, urban and Latin dance styles set to the hottest current hits and the best dance songs ever produced! Join the party and GET A MOVE ON!
Day 4:
- Athlete experience: Theory and practice:
Athlete is a 30-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout to get you in athlete shape. It combines endurance, power, agility and speed in 20, 30 and 40-second intervals to improve your strength and cardio performance as well as burn tons of calories.
- Experience this athletic program by the sea
Day 5:
- Final activities
- Evaluation of the course
- Diploma awarding
NOTE: Program may be subject to change!

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Nicosia, Cyprus

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