Although adolescents constitute a risk group for drug use, the average age of drug use is decreasing day by day. Individuals who are drug-addicted affect the environment and society in many ways, as individuals can be affected by situations they can not cope with in their environmental relations. Strategic interventions such as providing reintegration of the person into the society, strengthening the person, abusing the social risks, interfering with discrimination and stigmatization are needed to be intervened by the specialists. This process needs to be carried out in a holistic approach by using the knowledge and skills of professional members (Psychologist, Social Worker, Doctor, Teacher) from different disciplines.
Factors such as the presence of psychiatric disorders, risky behaviors, false cultural beliefs, family environment-related risks, inability to provide safe circulation, and inability to access institutional practices cause drug use problems. In this context, more and more prevention and preventive efforts are needed to be strengthened in today's increasingly frequent use of drugs.
1. day arrival...

(2. Day)

Training on International Definition and Causes of Dependence of Our Course Provider
Evaluation meeting with participants

(3. Day)

Presentation about the trainings given to the people working in the fight against addiction
Visit to Rehabilitation Center
(4. Day)

Monitoring the Presentation on Rehabilitation Studies for Dependent Individuals in Europe
Cultural Trip
(5. Day)

Presentation on the Laws and Regulations to be followed for Dependent Adaptation of Individuals and Their Adaptation
Evaluation meeting with participants

Meeting personal needs
Leisure time
Excursion to recognize the historical and cultural heritage of the region (historical monuments and museum visits)
During meeting we will take part and talk about:

The Problems Encountered by Aggregate Adaptations of Dependents and Suggested Solutions

Presentation on the Work in Addictive Struggle
Evaluation meeting with participants
Cultural excursion

Presentation on preventive and preventive measures

Final evaluation meeting with participants
Issuance of Participant Certificates
Elimination of personal needs
Saying goodbye to partners
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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