Establishing education on solid foundations and in the success of older people. In order to raise children with healthy and desirable behaviors, it is necessary to know their developmental characteristics and what their needs are in line with these characteristics.
The Waldorf Approach is an approach to pre-school education that seeks childhood as an individual and aims to be a powerful, challenging individual who encourages creativity, learning, imagination, willpower and optimism in the natural environment and encourages children to define their own boundaries. The aim of the approach is to educate children as individuals who learn by themselves and by themselves, who are free thinking, self-confident, self-disciplined, creative, respectful to themselves and collective, who can be self, who believe in an education that they can learn by using all their feelings freely, by doing, living and experiencing in nature.
"The Waldorf Approach", our self-developed managers and teachers, They will ensure that more teachers are aware of the Waldorf Approach on this issue which will convey this knowledge and experience.

(1. Day)

 Arrivals
 Our host institution is to visit and meet International Study Programs
 Informing UK city culture, transportation facilities and hotel

(2. Day)

 Participating in the seminar on the European and UK education system prepared by our host institution.

(3. Day)

 To recognize the Waldorf approach by our host institution and to participate in the seminar on conceptual explanations, its effect on the Waldorf schools in England and its effects.
 Visit the Waldorf schools in the area (Appointments will be taken by our host institution)

(4. Day)

 Monitoring the presentation prepared by the host institution about the characteristics and purposes of Waldorf Schools

(5. Day)

 Participants to familiarize themselves with the UK education system and the Waldorf system, participate in classes so that they can observe and study
 Organizing a meeting to exchange ideas with the teachers of the host school

(6. and 7. Day weekend)

 Social activities

(8. Day)

 Attendance and practice in the Waldorf school (getting information about materials and materials used in Waldorf schools)
 Evaluating application examples with participants
 Evaluation meeting with the host institution

(9. Day)

 Attendance and practice in the home school (to learn about activities in Waldorf schools)
 Evaluation of application examples
 Departures
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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