Future Learning with iPads and Tablets

Mobile devices such as smartphone, iPad or android tablet spread fast in today´s internet society. A rising tendency of their usage can also be observed in school and adult education. The use of mobile devices radically changes the way we learn. They increase motivation to learn and offer new possibilities for personalized and group learning. Accessibility features of tablets and special apps support the inclusion of learners with ASN (additional support needs). Additionally, they support creativity and self-expression and it is great fun to use them.

Equipped with good ideas and the knowledge of the proper usage, those new mobile devices can increase the quality of teaching and learning in your organization or school. The course is based on the pedagogical idea that learners are an active, creative and responsible party in their own learning processes. Course contents will be fitted to participants’ particular needs.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Implementation of tablets in an educational organization

  • Best practice examples drawn from different European countries (specially what can you learn from the Finnish education system)

  • Education and collaboration platforms for tablets

  • Accessibility features of tablets

  • Apps for people with learning disabilities, inclusive education (alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), reading and writing, mathematics, etc.)

  • Apps market – sharing experiences and practical trials of different programs

  • Creative learning with tablets

  • Enhanced learning with augmented reality apps

  • Safe internet use

  • Local educational study visits

  • Support communication, learning and self-expression using the camera and other multimedia apps

European orientation:

An essential part of our courses is the European orientation. An international team of trainers and lots of possibilities to network and share professional experience with colleagues from all over Europe will make your course participation a special and unique experience. The courses are organized together by five different European organizations: atempo (Austria), FAIDD (Finland), RIX Research and Media (UK), UrAbility (Irland) and ITA (Germany).

Target Group:

Our course offer suits all professionals working in schools, adult and vocational education or in the field of education of people with additional support needs.

Organizátor kurzu
atempo/ IncluEdu
Graz, Rakúsko

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atempo/ IncluEdu
atempo/ IncluEdu
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