Creating Peace

The aim of the project Creating Peace is to encourage and coach students with special educational needs to develop their transversal skills, especially interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and critical reading and thinking to help them to integrate more easily into local society.

During the first year, students learned about the Thirty Years´ War, how it influenced lives of people and how peace was reached. They looked for successful solutions of conflicts in their national history in general, discussed other possibilities and tried to draw inspiration from it for their lives. Students were coached to improve their critical reading and thinking. They expressed their impressions and feelings through comic, art object, song, rap, drama, etc.

During the second year - Creating Peace - partners searched for and try out therapeutic games and activities developing their pupils´ communication and teamwork skills, self-perception, emotional control, anger management etc. Peace negotiators from Münster and Osnabrück served as symbols of “peace creating“ activities: each country will get an equal number of peacemakers and create the symbolic number of files shared with others and available online for public use.
Transnational project meetings and learning activities were an opportunity for students to communicate with their peers, to experience the diversity of European culture and history, and to compare and contrast styles of work and learning strategies.

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