Sustainable development in the coastal area of the sea 21+

Zverejnené: 22.09.2021

We are a secondary school in the city of Navodari, located on the shores of the Black Sea and we are looking for 3 partners from states that have access to the sea.

Schools with students between 12-14 years old from states that have access to the sea

Typ hľadanej organizácie
Nezisková organizácia; Škola/ Centrum odbornej prípravy
Krajina hľadanej organizácie
Belgicko; Bulharsko; Croatia; Cyprus; Dánsko; Estónsko; Francúzsko; Fínsko; Grécko; Holandsko; Litva; Lotyšsko; Malta; Nemecko; Poľsko; Taliansko; Írsko; Španielsko
Priority pre konkrétnu oblasť školského vzdelávania
Upevňovanie rozvoja kľúčových kompetencií; Zvýšenie úrovne dosahovaných výsledkov a záujmu v oblasti vedy, techniky, inžinierstva a matematiky (STEM)
01.04.2022 » 31.03.2024
Scoala Gimnaziala,,Tudor Arghezi,, (eTwinning overený)
Škola/ Centrum odbornej prípravy
Năvodari, Rumunsko

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Odoslané Belgin Ertürk

Hi ! I am an English teacher at a secondary school in Samsun,Turkey which has a coast of Black Sea.I have some experience in erasmus projects and I would like to work on the project with you.My personal mail is you can contact me via my mail ıf you I want to know more about the school and location. Best Regards Belgin ERTÜRK

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Odoslané Nihan Çınar

Dear partner; I'm Nihan. Our school ID number:E10245527 2020-1-TR01-KA229-094319_4 2020-1-HU01-KA229-078787_3 2021-1-SI01-KA122- SCH-000014681 Our school is in Bodrum,Muğla. We are in a town that has a coast to the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. It is a touristic region and the apple of the eye of the world. We have 3 Erasmus projects. Climate change, minecraft education and development is about renewal. We are more and more good about projects .We are the science and art school. We carry all the features you are looking for. Our students age 9-16. The students who learn faster than their equals,have high capacity in creativity art and leadership, can understand the abstract ideas,like acting independently on their interests,overperform and have special academic success study at our educational institution after their schools.There are 12 teachers and 108 students in our school. Gifted children who range in age from nine to sixteen study at our school.The students are accepted into our center after three-phased evaluation which takes approximately six months.The teachers who work at our school are selected among professionalists by a special evaluation.Our school vision is to be a model school which strives for a modern Turkey.There are visual arts,technology design,music,mind games,wood painting and information technologies workshops in our school. I'd appreciate it if you'd prefer us. We are waiting for your reply.😊❤️ Best Regards; Nihan ÇINAR

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Odoslané Elena Lucia Carafa

hi, I am a teacher in a comprehensive school with pupils aged 3 to 14 in the south of Italy. My city is 20km from the Adriatic Sea. I have already participated in the experience in Erasmus projects and I would like to do more. My personal email is best regards Elena ciao, sono un insegnante in un istituto comprensivo con alunni dai 3 ai 14 anni nel sud dell'Italia. La mia città dista 20km dal mar adriatico. Ho già partecipato all'esperienza in progetti Erasmus e mi piacerebbe farne altri. La mia mail personale è distinti saluti Elena

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Hi, I'm Theodore Karayannis, teacher of the 3rd Lower Secondary School of Volos in Central Greece and EU project manager from 1990. Volos is a medium size city of about 200.000 inhabitants on the Aegean Sea with nearby beautiful inlands and sea park. From 1979 our Public school works with pupils aged 12-15 years, currently attended by 286 students/32 teachers. The school premises include modern computer laboratory, natural science laboratory, classrooms equipped with interactive boards, a P.E. classroom and an auditorium for school events. We have experience from Erasmus+ projects as KA101 on Social Inclusion of migrants, KA201 on Cyber bullying and from KA229 on Traditional games for all. The school provides a general education aimed at promoting the pupils' all-round development with reference to the abilities which they have at that age and the demands which life puts on them. Our teachers participate in training programs on new school textbooks, European integration issues, school administration and modern teaching approaches. Our school gives special emphasis to the use of Information and Communication technologies in the classroom and most of our teachers have incorporated new technologies into their teaching. If you are looking for a hardworking, reliable and committed project partner, please contact us at Theodore Karayannis, Chemist Ph.D.

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Hello there. I am a science teacher in the province of Muğla by the Aegean Sea. I carry out the ERASMUS projects of our school. Finally, in August, we received STEM training from 7 teachers in Paris with our KA1 2019-1-KA101-067256 project. Our school has the most private STEM laboratory in Turkey and we teach STEM classes. Our students are between the ages of 10 and 15. On the eTwinning platform, our school is an eTwinning school and most of our teachers have the quality label. You can check our school website. If you want, I can share details about our institution. The link is My e-mail address is

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Scoala Gimnaziala,,Tudor Arghezi,,
Scoala Gimnaziala,,Tudor Arghezi,,


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