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Our Erasmus+ project is entitled (Researching European And Cultural Heritage to share” (R.E.A.C.H. to share). The aim of the partnership aims at working and studying together on local UNESCO sites.

The coordinating school, “Lycée professionnel Buisson”, is located in Ermont (France). The other participating schools are located in Portugal (Sintra), Greece (Gerakas Pallinis), Romania (Focsani), Spain (Figueres), Turkey (Adana).

Our strategic partnership will enable participants (pupils and staff) to study and learn the inventoried local UNESCO’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Humanity. We initiate an innovative collaboration as we will work together for the first time and explore each other’s patrimonial local resource.

Our project “Researching European And Cultural Heritage to share” (R.E.A.C.H. to share) should be funded because the planned actions will contribute to raise awareness of Europe's important cultural heritage through education, informal and non-formal learning. It will serve a two-tier purpose, i.e. to continue inter-generational transmission and to ensure the transmission of Europe’s intangible, tangible cultural heritage knowledge.

Our project “R.E.A.C.H.” should be funded because it will help young people to better understand their past and the importance of heritage for their present and future in the wake of the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. This fire undoubtedly aroused the interest, the use and the preservation of heritage in France and abroad.

Our partnership should be funded because it will facilitate access to local European heritage and will permit better and greater appreciation of its diversity among pupils and staff. We intend to empower participants to communicate about their personal cultural heritage and contribute to heritage preservation.

Each partner is motivated because the project’s theme is an innovation in each school. Participants (adults and students) will discover and share their own local heritage. They will also study and learn about their counterparts’ European heritage. We are all eager and have high expectations to share and enrich from another’s cultural heritage ; this two-year-long project will provide time to interact and discover patrimonial richness, to challenge assumptions about stereotyped European countries.

Participants will be encouraged to work together on tasks, learn from each other and solve problems together. Relationships among the working teams will strengthen and benefit from each member’s motivation. Key stages of and keys contributors to the project will be prized (with a trophy, a letter of appreciation, a mention at team meetings, a meal, a publication of stories, a Europass ceremony) recognizing the efforts achieved and the will committed.

France, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey will implement the following tasks to share their local heritage.
 collaborate to workshops,
 participate to a cultural treasure hunt,
 attend a conference on heritage
 visit UNESCO sites
 conduct interviews with officials
 ask questions to locals about heritage
 reflect on heritage-related issues ( preservation of historic buildings / demolition
 create posters with slogans
 write feedbacks: diaries or testimonials

Typ hľadanej organizácie
Škola/ Centrum odbornej prípravy
Krajina hľadanej organizácie
Grécko; Portugalsko; Rumunsko; Španielsko
Priority pre konkrétnu oblasť školského vzdelávania
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Lycée Ferdinand Buisson (eTwinning overený)

Ermont, Francúzsko

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Hello. My name is David Rojo Fernández, from Spain. I have worked as a coordinator or partner in several Erasmus+ projects, most of them Strategic Partnership: Rurality, Bioenergy, All-Tourist, NWF-Network, Rural Skills, Agro-Basic Skills, Geotur, Living Heritage, etc.. (VET and Adult Education). In the past I participated in different Leonardo da Vinci, too. So I have many experience managing this kind of projects because I was working in two important Spanish organizations (ADESPER and IRMA SL). Now, I am the President of a new Non-profit Association called BIOSFERA 2000. We are whising to participate in Erasmus+ projects contributing with our knowledge. We are a group of professionals in formal and non-fromal education, specially in natural resources, biodiversity, nature, ecosystem services, geotourism, birdwaching, environmental education, climate change, etc.. So, if you consider it appropiate, contact with us to start working in the project as soon as possible biosferadosmil@gmail.com

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Hello ! We are a school in Târgu Jiu, Romania. Our school includes the following levels of education: primary, secondary and high school. In our school there are 96 teachers and it teaches 520 students aged 6-18 years. The school follows with great interest and with a creative mind the developments in the field of education; constantly sets new goals while maintaining an exceptional position in the educational scene. We are interested in the topic of your project and we would like to be your partners. For contact, erasmus.artegorj@gmail.com Regards, Gabriel

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Dear all, I am from INERCIA DIGITAL S.L, we are an Andalusian VET that aims to respond and provide innovative solutions to the training needs in Information Technology and Communication Technologies (ICTs). We have read about your project idea and we are really interested in your project proposal. We think that it might be interesting to introduce some e-learning elements to your proposal for achieving a high value for the project. As you know ICT components are now everywhere and therefore, we believe in its need for the success of nowadays organisations. We also think that the presence of the ICT in your project would help to make a greater development of your association. Our areas of expertise as partners include: implementation of e-learning platforms, Innovation in digital skills for education, Creation and management of websites, Training in digital skills, use of web tools, e-learning and remote collaborative work, among others. If you are interested in our proposal, you can rest assured that you’d be in safe hands as we have plenty of experience in boosting digital skills, implementing digitalisation strategies and adding digital components to a variety of contexts. We also run many digital training courses throughout the year in our training facilities in Huelva, Spain. We are a Spanish VET centre (in Andalusia) with extensive international and European experience, having collaborated as coordinators and partners in a long list of Erasmus+ projects as shown in the documents attached here. We are also open to working on developing alternative ideas, so if you have any other project ideas on the pipeline please feel free to share them with us and we’ll look at how we could contribute to form a successful, multi-dimensional partnership. We are pretty sure that we can create great things together! If you have any questions regarding our potential input in your project and how we could be of help, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we remain at your disposal. You can contact to this email saraelkhattabi@inerciadigital.com. Thank you in advance for your time. Best regards,

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Hello, We are a professional high school from Bulgaria, the town of Pirdop. We train students from 13 to 18 years of age in the professions of electrical engineering, automation, metalworking, administration and economics. We are interested in sharing good practices in digital learning, entrepreneurship and improving the quality of education. We are currently writing KA229 and KA 202 projects and looking for partners. We also have an interest in being involved as partners in your project. If you are interested, please contact us. Nenka Rasheva nenka.rasheva@gmail.com

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Lycée Ferdinand Buisson
Lycée Ferdinand Buisson


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