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HEURA is a Non-governmental Women Association in the field of adult education and training formed and managed by women who have traditionally been excluded from the feminist movement by their condition of non-academic women. To solve this situation, on 1986 some women founded the Association of Women Heura with the main aim of promoting the managing ability and initiative of women.

It is placed in the context of an Adult Education School: Escola de persones adultes La Verneda- Sant Martí (Adults School La Verneda- Sant Martí, in English). has over four decades of experience in adult education with about 2.200 participants every year and about 150 volunteers. Further, it is globally renowned for our pioneering model of adult education based on egalitarian dialogue; Dialogic Learning and Successful Educational Actions (SEAs).

The main objectives of Heura are:
• Promoting and organizing long life learning activities that answer
the women needs in the present society.
• Including the voices of the traditionally excluded women into the
feminist claim.
• Widening women participation in the decision-making spheres of the
political participation in our

Those transversal purposes are developed through educational, training and cultural activities such as: adult basic education, secondary education, further education (languages and access to higher education); ICT training; cultural and leisure education: dialogical literary circles, music and dancing, plastic arts and handicraft, physical activities, etc. All these activities are totally free of charge and open to all women, with a special attention to those who are in any exclusion situation (illiterate women, migrants, young women, etc.).

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Tuzla İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü is a regional directorate of Ministry of Education. It is responsible for all educational activities; formal and non-formal avtivities in Tuzla District.It carries out planning, programming, executing of education process and developing,evaluating the education and training services according to MOE.It composes of 77 state and 124 private totally 201 schools and institute. It has provided training to 55.316 students with 4.235 teachers. Our students is from Kindergarden, Primary, Secondary, High School and Public Education Center for adults. We have learners aged between 3 and 50+ . Our Province, situated on the eastern border of İstanbul, is located at the Anatolian enterance of the city. It has a long coast around the city İstanbul. İstanbul begins from Tuzla District. It is the first district of İstanbul.The population of district getting consistently migration is 221.620.Archeological studies indicate that Tuzla has used as a settlement unit since the ancient period in the history of Tuzla. Tuzla İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü has 14 sub-units.(Basic Education, Secondary Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Religious Education, Special Education and Guidance, Lifelong Learning, Private Education Institutions, Information Technology and Education Technology, Strategy Development, Human Resources, Support, Construction and Real Estate, Assessment, Examinations, Higher Education and International Education). Best Wishes Özgür GÜNGÖR

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Asociación Heura
Asociación Heura


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