Strategic Partnership on tackling disinformation and fake news

Zverejnené: 14.02.2021

Italy for EU, an international VET institution, based in Rome, is looking for partners for a new Strategic Partnership project

The project represents a transnational initiative that will involve 5 European countries with the aim of creating digital tools that revolutionize the modern school methodology in the near future among secondary schools from all over Europe.

The goal of these tools is to create a digital gallery of resources that both teachers and students can draw on to combat the phenomenon of disinformation and fake news. The projects objectives are to inform students and teachers about the challenges of a proper use of digital devices and providing guidelines to support the responsible use of the Internet by young people.

Starting from Italy but also throughout Europe, this year characterized by the spread of Covid-19 has, in fact, imposed a massive use of digital tools, starting with schools with distance learning: faced with these new challenges, young people not only started to get used to handling the web on a daily basis, but also they came into contact with hundreds of news information about the virus, some of which were false, without having the necessary tools to distinguish reality from fiction. We believe that now more than ever it is necessary to contribute to improving the approach of young people to digital, giving them the tools for a conscious use of the Internet, a civic education 2.0 that helps them filter online content and become future adults.

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Dear Collegue; I am a headmaster of my school. I'm writing from Kocaeli in Turkey, near İstanbul city ( only 100 km to İstanbul ). There are 350 students and 23 teachers in my school. The age group of our students are 7-15. I already did 15 projects coordinated by the Spain, Czech Repubic, Cyprus, Poland, France and me. On the other hand, we have a lot of Etwnning Quality Label and we are Etwinning School. At the moment, We want to join a new project. So at this term if you need more experienced partner, we are ready to jon to you. I am waiting your feedback asap. I already did 15 projects coordinated by the Czech Repubic, France and me. 2009 – 2011 : Whe are we so different ? ( Comenius ) 2009 – 2011 : Art is a culture and identity of a country. ( Grundtvig ) 2011 – 2013 : European Cultural Heritage ( Grundtvig ) 2013 – 2015 : Heritage Of Medieval Experiences ( Comenius ) 2014 – 2017 : Home Sweet Home ( KA219 ) 2015 – 2018 : Maths Around Us ( KA219 ) 2016 – 2018 : Maths is life ( KA219 ) 2016 – 2018 : Exchange of good practices on handling students with learning, integration and behaviour difficulties – LIFE (KA219) 2017 – 2019 : I learn, you learn but together we double learn ( KA229 ) 2017 – 2020 : BOOK – Big Ocean Of Knowledge ( KA 229 ) 2018 – 2020 : Coding in A Cultural Europe ( KA 229 ) 2018 – 2021 – New Things Through Old Knowledges ( KA201 ) 2019 – 2021 – STEAM – Surfing The European Artistic Monument ( KA 229 ) 2020 – 2022 : Why Not ? ( KA229 ) 2020 – 2022 : Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: Young healthy students ( KA229 ) We believe that If we have the chance to take part in another European project, there will be a big improvement not only in our own educational environment but also in our whole region. Hakan BOZAN Headmaster Phone : +90 262 352 20 20 Mobile Phone : +90 505 598 65 20 Fax : +90 262 352 20 15 E - Mail : Adress : Çepni Mah. Mesudiye Cad. No:76 Kartepe / KOCAELİ Web-Site :

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Odoslané Ali İlengiz

Hello my friend. Izmit Secondary School from Turkey manager. We are interested in your project. We can write projects together. I have a hardworking team. We are experienced in projects. There are three K229 projects we are currently running. Our school has 52 teachers and 725 students aged 11-15. We are 40 km from the international airport. It is a city of sea, mountains and lakes. In our school, we have drama-theater-intelligence games- etc. clubs. Also We have an innovative team involved in the European Union projects. We have two Science Laboratories, chess, environment and intelligence games, volleyball and basketball health clubs in our school. I am sure we will do good things together. School web: Ali İLENGİZ- Headmaster

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Odoslané Diogenis Pantoulis

Dear Mr/Mrs Initially, I would like to introduce myself. I am Diogenis Pantoulis, teacher in the 1st EPAL vocational secondary school in Piraeus Greece. I am also the supervisor of Erasmus projects. Our school has 460 students aged between 15-18 and 65 teachers. We are teaching the following sectors: IT: Informatics and Networking, Mechanical and Car Engineers-Air Conditioning, Electronics, Electrical, Structure, Financing and Management, Tourism, Food Technology, and Agricultural, Healthcare: nurses, daycare and medical laboratories. Our school has seven teachers with experience, skills, and enthusiasm to participate in Erasmus programs and three well-equipped laboratories in the IT sector. We have participated in many European programs. At the moment we run four European programs two KA1 and two KA2. In the previous years, we have completed two KA201 programs. Initially, the “v-UPGRADeS” which has received the honorary distinction "Best Practice" from the EU and this year the Migrant and Entrepreneurship (ME-project) Very important for our school is the development of its digital dimension. The use of ICT-based teaching methodologies will develop the basic skills of students while being very effective in combating school failure and for social integration. We read about your project and will be very pleased to cooperate with you. My email is Looking forward to hearing from you soon. with kind regards Diogenis Pantoulis

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