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My name is Fernando Carvalho, I am responsible for the European projects at my school AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE BARCELOS, PORTUGAL.
I have many years of experience in European projects, and I organize several KA2 and KA1 projects, Jobshadowing at my school. We are the school with more European projects in Portugal and perhaps in Europe (17 Erasmus projects).
I am also part of an Association / NGO that is a partner of my school in the search organization of companies, hotels etc.
We are very professional in working and partnering in projects. We are interested in being partners in your project.

I expect news from you

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We would like you to join us

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We are four schools from Italy( Sicely, Rome), Spain( Cordoba) and Turkey (Ankara)and two history universities from Spain (Cordoba)and Turkey(Ankara). Our idea is to join technology and history. The schools from Spain, Sicely and Turkey have been working together in a very successful previous Erasmus so there are some synergies. We want to involve parents associations also. We are looking for other partners: really interested in partners from Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Germany,..... We are going to apply for the new action for Covid19. The application has to be ready before 29th October. We have a kind of draft. If you are interested in this project, tell me. We want to have the application ready as soon as possible. Carmen García Arenas.

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Odoslané Gunther De Geeter

Hello, we are a secondary school from Belgium and we are looking for reliable and decent partner to find companies who can host our students for an internship in the area of megatonics, electromechanics. Greetings

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we would lıke to work with you

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Odoslané murat yıldırım

we would lıke to work with you

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Odoslané zühal yıldırım

Hello, I'm Zuhal, from Turkey. I am an information technology teacher. We would like to participate in a workplace partnership project with our students.

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Odoslané Fatih Şahin

I'm an English teacher in a high school in Turkey. We are interested in your projects. We want to be your partner with KA122 sch project.

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Odoslané Duygu Darıcı

Hello I'm Duygu, an English teacher in a state high school in Turkey. It has 200 students aged 14 to 17 and 17 teachers. We' re involved in a KA122 SCH Erasmus+ project and eager to collaborate with another culture and learning - teaching atmosphere. So, I am looking a host. I would be so glad of your answer. Thanks in advance

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Odoslané Rita Orsi

Hello Fernando, I'm a teacher in a Technical High School in Italy, Tuscany, which teaches students Agriculture techniques and Biotechnology. As an English teacher who has carried out several Erasmus+ Projects, both mobility courses for teachers and KA2 Strategic Partnership Erasmus Projects, I'm really keen on cooperating with you and your school. Could you contact me at this e-mail address? thank you very much in advance. Rita

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