ICT FOR TEACHING: A practical course to incorporate Information Technology into Teaching in SPAIN

The main aim of this course is to help participants learn about how to introduce digital tools for teaching and learning and consider how to make use of them in their classrooms to produce more experiential and useful learning for their students. The participants of this course are teachers who have become aware of the potential of a technology-mediated education and wish to take their first steps in the learning and use of effective ICT tools.

The implementation of this course is based on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) approach to facilitate communication and collaboration among participants in an international course.

• Introduce teachers to the use of ICT tools and encourage them to take first steps in their learning and possible incorporation to the classroom.
• Help teachers reflect on the importance of a technology-mediated education and consider the role of ICT tools to make learning more experiential and useful for their students.
• Help teachers design and implement activities for their students by using ICT tools.
• Provide opportunities to interact with colleagues of other nationalities, and exchange ideas and experiences.
• Motivate participants to develop their communication skills through their participation in the course and as preparation for their involvement in future European experiences.

This course is based on a learning-by-doing principle which requires participants to explore ICT tools in a practical way both from a teaching and a learning perspective. The methodology of this course will focus on digital tools to develop innovative ways to support teaching and learning through selection and creation of digital resources, effective presentations, learning activities, collaboration, classroom management, assessment, etc.

By means of an effective combination of training formats (e.g., hands-on workshops, seminars, project-based learning, field projects ‘Contexts4Content’) you will explore a number of ICT tools from several perspectives, as well as the culture and reality of the host country. This will help to create learning, motivation and natural curiosity that invites communication.

Participants will form part of a learning opportunity that mirrors a practical, effective, and authentic experience after which they will understand how to incorporate ICT into their teaching by way of several tools, be able to adapt them to their teaching context and create successful learning experiences for their students.

Assessment will be carried out prior to the course by means of analysis of participants’ interests. During the course, oral and written reports will be completed to enhance participants’ learning. After the course, prospective partnerships might develop from the themes raised by the programme.

Fees: 490€ tuition and 130€ org.costs-field projects.

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Madrid/Jáen, SPANIA

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