Coaching for refugees-asylum seekers,migrants: interculturality, tolerance and diversity in the classrooms


2020 21-27 November
2021 8-14 May/20-26 November

Europe needs more cohesive and inclusive societies which allow citizens to play an active role in democratic live. Education is key to promote common European values, foster social integration, enhance intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community.The course will introduce participants to Energy Psychology Techniques (EPT) together with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with a strong emphasis placed on using these tools within an intercultural, tolerant and diverse environment. An important element will be understanding the relationship between stress and physical and mental health, exploring the health issues predominant within the teaching profession. Participants will learn how to manage and reduce stress levels thereby improving not only their overall health but also their day to day interaction with students and colleagues by applying Energy Psychology Techniques in order to promote the inclusion of people with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Target audience

- Teachers of all age groups and specialities.
- Education professionals, such as Counsellors, Advisers, Inspectors, Career Officers and other professional interested in education and learning.
Prior to the start of the course, participants will receive recommended reading and course material and tutorials relevant to the course contents. They will also receive practical information for the course and a Guide about Alcalá de Henares and other places to visit.

- Solve and reduce stress levels and develop the necessary abilities to manage emotions.
- Create strategies on how to deal with and eliminate violent or aggressive behaviour.
- Understand the causes of physical and mental health issues within the teaching profession.
- Improve interpersonal relationships within the education environment.
- Identify limiting and negative beliefs and transform them into positive and supporting ones - Analyze bullying, aggressive behaviour and violence, both physical and verbal.
- Overcome anxiety within the classroom
- Learn a variety of tools and resources to apply in the classroom to create well-being
- Reduce early school leaving

The course is of a practical, dynamic nature enabling participants to learn confidently and offering practical exercises to fully integrate techniques and strategies. Participants will gain personal understanding of the changes occurring both on physical and cognitive level through the use of Energy Psychology: EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques. The practical nature will enable participants to work on and solve emotional issues which arise in the classrooms.
Cervantes Training will send more materials to participants after the course to guide the implementation of course contents into their institutions. We will be available for consults via email to clarify doubts, offer advice after the course.

Enrolment Fees
490 Euros- Course Price includes: Registration Fees and tuition for the course -7 days-, Course Material- before and after the course, dossier with information material about Alcalá de Henares, City Guided Tour and entrance to The Cervantes Birthplace Museum, Certificate of Attendance with learning outcomes and Europass (Europass is issued upon request).


Course: Coaching for disadvantaged backgrounds (refugees-asylum seekers), interculturality, tolerance and diversity in the classrooms

Place: Alcalá de Henares -Madrid- Spain

Day 1: Arrival

Welcome- Registration and Hand-out of Material- Course Overview- Ice breaking- Tapas in Alcalá-

Day 2: Getting to know each other-Sociocultural activity

Alcalá de Henares Guided Tour: World Heritage Site and Birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes and his Don Quixote “In the footsteps of Cervantes”- Entrance to The Cervantes Birthplace Museum.

Day 3: The European Union and issues such as Inclusion- Tolerance- Diversity

- Tolerance-Diversity in the classroom
- People with disadvantaged backgrounds, including newly arrived migrants.
- European Policies, Measures and School Plans on inclusion
- Practical Workshop

Day 4: Child refugees and the psychological impacts of early childhood trauma

-Child development - Periods of development
-The Brain and Trauma
- Understanding how stress and emotions affect our physical and mental health
-The Trauma System. Experience of children as refugees
-Trauma and Schools

Day 5: The Science of Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT

- Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): What is EFT?. How EFT works. Why use EFT.
- How to apply EFT: Energy Points. The EFT Procedure. The Basic Recipe.
- Practical Workshop to foster tolerance and diversity in our classroom. Tapping script for teachers.

Day 6: Ideas for different problems using EFT for disadvantaged groups

- Group Work: Lets go Tapping
- Issues are likes Puzzles.
- When EFT doesn´t seem to be working.
- Shared Benefits Exercises. Group Work
- Physical ailments and illnesses can be related to emotional causes
- Practical exercise in pairs
- Workshop on physical issues

Day 7: How can EFT be helpful in schools for inclusion, tolerance and interculturality

- Tapping script for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
- Let’s go tapping for students
- Strategies for everyday use
- Open discussion to clarify doubts, answer queries and assist participants
- Evaluation
- Certificates

Once the course finishes, all participants will be sent more materials and tutorials to implement course contents into their institutions.

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Alcala de Henares.Madrid, SPANIA

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