Let’s make our school more international: European Project Planning, Design, Management and Funding under Erasmus+

2021 24-30 July
2022 23-29 July


Venue:Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain.

The “European Project Planning” training course is addressed to individuals and organizations who wish to acquire the skills for successfully accessing and managing European funds in the field of culture, education and training. The objective of the training course is to put European teachers and learning facilitators in the conditions to get familiar and to benefit of the opportunities the European Commission offers to develop learning activities at European level. The course aims to provide participants with specific knowledge, skills, tools and instruments needed to design effective project proposals which enable them to effectively manage a European Project. Participants will be supported to create the conditions, within the group, to start up European partnership networks.

Before the training, selected participants will be invited to read some material about the European Union. They will also have the opportunity to present their respective views on the training and select priority issues.

• Familiarize participants on the EU funding opportunities in the context of the EU financial framework 2014-20 and understand correctly a call of proposal for funding.
• Provide advice and guidance on how to design a proposal for education and plan a successful project so as to exploit available EU funding opportunities
• Provide advice on how to manage contractual procedures effectively with the European Commission when creating an appropriate transnational project partnership.
• Familiarize participants with basic principles in project management, like organising a time plan, monitor the project development, create and deliver project reports.
• Organize and plan the financial and administrative aspects of the project.
• Familiarize participants with successful dissemination/promotion and exploitation principles of European projects.


The practical course on European Project Planning helps individuals and organizations increase their efficiency rates on successful projects and create a strong European partnership for future collaboration. Participants will have the way paved for the interpretation of the documents for developing an effective project idea and will work on projects within small groups. Practical simulations will be carried out based on the use of the services, database and documentation by the EU. The pedagogical approach underlining this choice is that the training main objective is to support networking and knowledge sharing among teachers and learning facilitators in Europe and by giving them the opportunity to mutual exchange. At the end of the training course, every group will have produced a first draft of a European project including the application form, the budget, transnational partnership, evaluation and dissemination of their own project.

Follow up
Cervantes Training will support partnerships originated during the training course to develop their project ideas. After training, participants will have the opportunity of keeping in touch via on-line helping them giving birth to a virtual network of professionals. The trainer will also tutor the practical tasks assigned to participants after the course.

Enrolment Fees: 490 Euros*- Course Price includes: Registration Fees and tuition for the course (7 days- 30 hour-training course- including socio-cultural activities and practical assignments after the course), Course Material, Certificate of Attendance, dossier with information material about Alcalá de Henares, City Guided Tour and entrance to The Cervantes Birthplace Museum.
It is not absolutely necessary to bring a laptop or tablet. Though we advice to bring a device as it might be handy during working all along the course. We don’t provide computers.

Let’s make our school more international: European Project Planning, Design, Management and Funding under Erasmus+ 2014-20

Place: Alcalá de Henares- Madrid-Spain

Day 1: Arrival (evening)
• Welcome- Registration and Hand-out of Material- Ice breaking- Course overview

Day 2: Getting to know each other-Sociocultural activity
Alcalá de Henares Guided Tour
This town near Madrid, birthplace of the illustrious Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote”, and home to one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998 Its rich monumental heritage, formed by churches, convents and university buildings, gives us a glimpse of life in Castilia during the Spanish Golden Age
Day 3: Erasmus+ Outline
• Participant presentations and sharing of mutual expectations. Team building
• Introduction of European funding programs in the field of education, training and culture.
• How to obtain grants? Searching the right Call of Proposal
• Collection of relevant information for making our school more international

Day 4: From the Idea to the Project Planning Process
• Successful European partnership building
• European Project Life Cycle: From the idea to the final report.
• Developing a school policy plan

Day 5: How to draft a successful project
• Finding and analyzing the information on project development
• Elaboration of the project idea: Aims and objectives.
• Quality issues related to project planning: reporting activities and methodologies
• Creating intellectual output
• Ellaboration of the project presentation document

Day 6: Financial and Administrative Tasks of the project
• Analysis of the project budget.
• Eligibility of expenditures
• Development of the financial plan: Project costs and balanced budget creation
• How to disseminate projects
• Monitor of the project: evaluation
• Creation of the project presentation document

Day 7: Project Presentations
• Project presentations
• Open discussion to clarify doubts, answer queries and assist participants
• Final discusion and conclusion
• Course Evaluation
• Certificates
• Farewell (before lunch time)

ERASMUS + KA1 Staff Mobility Fully Funded Courses.Madrid.Spain‏
Cervantes Training, a Course Provider for Erasmus+ KA1 under Erasmus+ in Alcalá de Henares- MADRID -Spain
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Course fee for all our courses:490 Euros (7-day training)
We also offer the possibility to attend for 5-day training courses from Monday to Friday (350 Euros)
Course fee includes: tuition,course materials, coffee/tea breaks, tour to Alcalá de Henares, administrative costs, certificates and Europass
We will be pleased to help you in applying for EU grants to fund the participation of your school or institution in Erasmus+ program of the EU to attend our courses in Madrid.Spain

To find out more:
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Registration: http://www.cervantestraining.eu/registration/Course fee for all our courses: 490 Euros (7-day training)
We also offer the possibility to attend for 5-day training courses from Monday to Friday (350 Euros)

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Alcalá de Henares.Madrid, SPANIA

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