**Innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and project-based teaching and learning

Innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and
project-based teaching and learning
2019 2-8 March/ 6-12 April
2020 29 Feb-6 March/ 9-15 May
2021 27 Feb-5 March/8-14 May


Venue:Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain.
ERASMUS + KA1 Staff Mobility Fully Funded Courses.Madrid.Spain‏
Cervantes Training, a Course Provider for Erasmus+ KA1 under Erasmus+ in Alcalá de Henares- MADRID -Spain
All our training can be funded by Key Action 1 of Erasmus +
Please Contact us at cervantestraining@outlook.com send me your
email and I´ll give pack information.
Course fee for all our courses:490 Euros (7-day training)
We also offer the possibility to attend for 5-day training courses from Monday to Friday (350 Euros)
Course fee includes: tuition,course materials, coffee/tea breaks, tour to Alcalá de Henares, administrative costs, certificates and Europass
We will be pleased to help you in applying for EU grants to fund the participation of your school or institution in Erasmus+ program of the EU to attend our courses in Madrid.Spain

The course is designed to help teachers realize the potential of innovative methodology using technologies in everyday classroom practice by investigating the added value of a collaborative, project-based approach. This course is intended for anyone with a desire to increase their proficiency in using a practical methodology which brings technology into the classroom. The course content is not limited to teachers of a specific subject. On the contrary it is open to teachers of all subjects and levels. The aim of the course is to enable participants to use activities using ICT though a methodology based on collaborative work. Web 2.0, Social Networking, Blogging and Webquests will support and enhance language interdisciplinary inquiry and the use and creation of digital teaching methodology besides the introduction to the appropriate methodology a Strategic Partnership under Erasmus+ must be implemented.

• Provide teachers with practical ideas for how they can incorporate technology into their existing lessons.
• Providing general information about ICT within various classes
• Defining ICT usage in education with its benefits, provide teachers with practical ideas for how they can incorporate technology into their
existing lessons.
• Familiarize teachers with current Internet trends
• Giving a space for exchange of experiences and good practices among people coming from different countries who work in the same field
• Higher motivation to remain on task by working in small groups using Web 2.0;
• Developing actively and constructively students' involvement in the work at class;
• Encouraging students to take the ownership of their own learning;
• Improving teamwork by stimulating the necessary skills to start up a strategic partnership (KA2) under Erasmus+;
• Exchanging experiences in cooperative and collaborative learning process as long as in creativity and
• Sharing of best practice in teaching and learning, using ICT, enabling teachers to become confident and competent enough to create a collaborative,
interactive classroom experience for their students through the use of the ICT.

Enrolment Fees: 490 Euros*- Course Price includes: Registration Fees and tuition for the course (7 days- 30 hour-training course- including socio-cultural activities), Course Material, Certificate of Attendance, dossier with information material about Alcalá de Henares, City Guided Tour and entrance to The Cervantes Birthplace Museum.
Each participant needs to bring his own laptop/tablet. We don’t provide computers.
Place: Alcalá de Henares- Madrid- Spain
Day 1: Arrival (evening)
• Welcome- Registration and Hand-out of Material- Ice breaking- Course overview
Day 2: Getting to know each other-Sociocultural activity
Alcalá de Henares Guided Tour
This town near Madrid, birthplace of the illustrious Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote”, and home to one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998 Its rich monumental heritage, formed by churches, convents and university buildings, gives us a glimpse of life in Castilia during the Spanish Golden Age
Day 3: What do we understand by collaborative work?
• Participant presentations and sharing of mutual expectations. Team building
• Introduction to Collaborative work and Cooperative Work
• Advantages of arranging students in a team
• Why KA1 and KA2 (Strategic Partnerships) under Erasmus+?
• ICT into the classroom- Ways to implement activities within the classroom
Day 4: Webquest in the classroom
• What is a Webquest
• Benefits of webquests
• Essential parts of a Webquest
• Topics to be used in a webquest
• Why to use webquests in the classroom
Day 5: Web 2.0: Blogs- Webs and Twitter
• Why and how to use Web 2.0 within the classroom
• Use of blogs in the classroom
• Creating websites with Weebly
• Activities for Twitter
• Practical simulations
Day 6: eTwinning- The Community for Schools in Europe
• eTwinning as best practice within an international setting
• eTwinning Desktop Tools Workshop and eTwinning TwinSpace
• KA2: How to start up and implement efficiently Strategic Partnerships under Erasmus+
• Group Workshop: Creating real activities using ICT though cooperative work
Day 7: Project Presentations
• Project presentations
• Open discussion to clarify doubts, answer queries and assist participants
• Final discusion and conclusion
• Course Evaluation
• Certificates
• Farewell (before lunch time)
To find out more:
Email us at: cervantestraining@outlook.com
Visit: www.cervantestraining.eu/
Registration: www.cervantestraining.eu/registration
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ErasmusTraining
LinKedin: www.es.linkedin.com/in/cervantestraining
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KA1.Learning.Mobility.Erasmusplus
Alcalá de Henares Video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-BuMx1z3Sc
Alcalá de Henares World Heritage: www.spainheritagecities.com/en/cph/alcala_de_henares.html
Registration: http://www.cervantestraining.eu/registration/

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Alcalá de Henares.Madrid, SPANIA

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