Breaking walls

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CTE Closer To Europe Network
Soverato, ITALIA

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A frecventat cursul pe 19.05.2019 - 26.05.2019

This course was about Coaching and Mentoring, and I expected to get a lot of information and practice on that issue, but the contents changed and finally the course was also about bullying and inclusion. However, the ambience with other participants and organization was great, we met a lot of interesting people from other countries, which was also one of the aims of this course. The accomodation and transportation was excellent, and the trips planned by the organization were very interesting.

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A frecventat cursul pe 19.05.2019 - 26.05.2019

The course did not follow the description above and content-wise it was very general, but the organisation of the whole experience (accommodation, transportation, catering) and communication with the participants was by far the best I had experienced. The additional activities were also well-organised and interesting. The whole experience supported the communication between the participants from different countries and sharing best practices as there were a lot of opportunities for that.

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CTE Closer To Europe Network
CTE Closer To Europe Network
Rating: 3/512 utilizatori


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