Improving English Language Skills

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Is there a better way to work on your English than in a fun, international environment? If you wish to improve your speaking skills, learn new vocabulary, revise grammar and learn how to write emails, then this is a perfect course for you! Our innovative, creative and interactive teaching methods are going to make learning enjoyable.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to use English so that you can talk to your colleagues from all over Europe and completely get rid of your fear of using this language. Participants are going to improve all four language skills. The focus is placed on understanding what you read, on practicing listening, and on making writing emails much easier. But we are mostly going to focus on improving speaking through a series of engaging activities.

During the course we are going to use useful online tools, articles, videos and tutorials. We are going to explore ways to learn through movement using a fantastic tool called Active Floor which increases motivation and makes learning more interesting. We are going to gain knowledge through games, quizzes and a series of interactive activities. Our teacher trainers are equipped with decades of experience and know how to make learning of English language entertaining.

Learning outcomes:

- Expand your vocabulary
- Have better understanding of reading
- Improve listening skills
- Practice speaking in an international environment
- Learn through interactive activities and games
- Make learning easier, faster, stimulating and fun  

Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong relationships with your colleagues from all over Europe and explore amazing culture and nature in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split.

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia

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A frecventat cursul pe 08.07.2018 - 14.07.2018

We share good times with teachers from many countries. We improve your english and met nice competent trainers and wonderful guide.

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A frecventat cursul pe 23.06.2019 - 29.06.2019

The course was very helpful for me but also for my profession as I obtained more abilities. The instructors were very friendly and willing to assist every participant.

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A frecventat cursul pe 23.06.2019 - 29.06.2019

I think I have overcome my fear of speaking English owing to the course. I think I've learned a lot from expert tutorials in a short time. I have new friends from different countries of the world, and I was able to walk through the streets of Split and Dubrovnik, where the magical splendor of history is alive. Thank you for every thing :))

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A frecventat cursul pe 23.06.2019 - 29.06.2019

Excellent tutoring from the lecturers, it really improves your oral skills and gives you tools and methods to keep improving. The course is well-structured including two guided tours. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet professional colleagues or partners and learn about their own school backgrounds and realities in a very cozy atmosphere.

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A frecventat cursul pe 14.04.2019 - 20.04.2019

In just one week, I learned many things on this course. Before, I couldn't speak English well, but now I can communicate much better. Thank you everyone from the organization, you were very nice to us. And of course, Split is beautiful city with nice weather and people :)))))

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A frecventat cursul pe 19.08.2018 - 25.08.2018

For me, english is my problem. I always need help, but this course helped me with my english lot. Thanks to all the teachers <3

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A frecventat cursul pe 12.05.2019 - 18.05.2019

I simply loved the location: Split is a gorgeous City on the Dalmatian Coast full of archaelogical sites and history and culture from the Romans till now. The Course School is very near the center, easy to find even if you don't know the City very well. The people are amazing. Really I've never met such wonderful persons before in my life, Thank You very much for your heartly felt welcome and the organization was fantastic ( I really enjoyed the trip to the sublime towns of Trogir and Zadar!). Well I have nothing more to say that is a pleasure to have attended this course and I recommend to all those who may be interested in "Improving their English" to attend this great Course with amazing people in a fantastic landscape! My Best Congratulations! Sonja Muhametaj, Albania/Italy

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A frecventat cursul pe 14.10.2018 - 20.10.2018

Great lecturers, warm friendly atmosphere and an excellent balance between course training hours and cultural activities. A great experience in a fabulous city with so much to see and do. I loved the experience that included knowledge acquisition, a very attentive friendly team from Maksima language school and a venue close to the historical city centre.

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