ICT FOR TEACHING: A practical course to incorporate Information Technology into Teaching in IRELAND -7 training days

This course is specially designed for teachers who wish to start their journey into ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and incorporate the acquired skills for effective teaching and learning.
The main aim of this course is to help participants learn about the use of digital tools and reflect on how to introduce them in their classroom to make learning more experiential and useful for their students. The participants of this course are teachers who have become aware of the potential of a technology-mediated education and wish to take their first steps in the learning and use of useful ICT tools for recovering and sharing educational resources, for image and sound editing, for collaboration, for classroom management, etc.
Participants will have the opportunity of working in a collaborative way. This collaboration will be complemented
with elements of an inquiry-based learning approach by following a process of exploring, investigating, processing
and creating, based on a choice of fields of inquiry in relation to the Irish context. This will also help participants to develop their creativity and skills related to problem-solving, communication, teamwork, etc.
The implementation of this course is based on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) approach in order to facilitate
communication and collaboration among participants in an international course. To participate in this course a minimum B1 level of English is required.

-- To introduce teachers to the use of ICT tools and encourage them to take first steps in their learning and possible
incorporation to the classroom.
-- To help teachers reflect on the importance of a technology-mediated education and consider the role of ICT
tools to make learning more experiential and useful for their students.
-- To help teachers design and implement activities for their students by using ICT tools.

This course is based on a learning-by-doing principle which requires participants to explore ICT tools in a practical
way. Hands-on workshops and collaborative group work will allow participants to understand and assimilate the
content effectively. Through activities and field projects related to the Irish context, participants should interact with each other and develop a sense of European dimension. That is why participants will be also encouraged to share their experiences and ideas in relation to ICT and education in general with colleagues from schools in
Europe. Reflective journaling will enhance and complete their learning experience.

Fees: 490€ tuition and 130€ org. costs-field projects.

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