Inclusive Classroom - Innovative Teaching Methods To Reach Every Sen Student (7 days course in Zagreb)

This course is aimed at teachers and school staff from primary to adult level as well as educational advisors and staff of non-government organizations, government and policy makers.
The traditional model of classroom instruction where the teacher lectures the new content in class proves to be less efficient because it is time consuming and it focuses on the teacher. Therefore little time is left for more complex tasks and deeper understanding of the content, especially for SEN students .
Our course will help you gain insight into innovative teaching methods such as Flipped Learning and the Montessori approach and will help you adopt various practical 4C techniques and activities. You will learn how to differentiate tasks and activities to reach every student and how to organize the in-class time to get the most out of it.
Flipped Learning is an innovative approach where students get their first exposure to content before coming to class and then spend in-class time engaging in activities in a dynamic, interactive learning environment. Students are active learners and the teacher guides them as they apply concepts and “dig” deeper into the subject matter. Flipped classrooms focus on active learning and student engagement giving the teacher more time to deal with mixed levels, SEN students and differentiated learning styles during the in-class time.
Participants will also explore various strategies and tools connected to 4C skills development and how to implement them in their teaching. They will be introduced to the Montessori approach and they will learn how to make their own Montessori learning material for SEN students.
Help your students learn at their own pace, take responsibility for their own learning and create an inclusive learning environment with this innovative teaching practice. More details about the course are available on the course webpage.

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