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Course Description

The need for professional training has increased significantly for companies and professionals at any level over the last few decades. An increasing number of people is nowadays aware that investing in knowledge re-pays the investment in time. Furthermore, public institutions and private organizations are raising the amount of training they provide to their staff to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. However, although professional training is often delivered by field experts, mastering a specific subject (hard skills) is not enough to train another person on it, which also requires additional (soft) skills.

This course has been
designed to provide such effective capacities to teachers and workers who are
assigned to training supervisory roles. It will equip the participants with
skills, methods, and tools to ensure an efficient learning process in the
training classroom.

As a participant, you will focus on the peculiarities of teaching to adults in order to optimize your teaching to your specific audience. You will learn to plan a training program on any topic, setting the goals and objectives, deciding the timing and resources for each session, and planning the budget. You will become familiar with technology-based teaching techniques to increase the motivation and participation of trainees, and create a pleasant atmosphere. You will also discover how you can use digital technologies fruitfully both to save time while designing a training program and to follow-up its participants (e.g., to evaluate their results, and assess their feedback). By the end of the course, participants will be ready to prepare, provide, and evaluate successful and efficient training courses for adult trainees. Moreover, they will be more organized and time-efficient. As a participant, the course will definitively help you become more confident when you step in the trainers' role since it will make you will build up your weaknesses, and exploit the most essential soft skills that are now hiding in yourself!

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Cluj-Napoca, ROMÂNIA

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