Moodle 3 Introduction for teachers

Moodle is an open source software package for creating and managing e-learning courses through the Internet. Most educational institutions today use some kind of e-learning platform and a great majority of them use Moodle for their online campus.

This course will guide you through the basic steps for the use Moodle as a teacher, creating intuitive courses and integrating all types of activities, educational content and multimedia resources. Moodle can be used for online courses, but it is also used in blended learning situations in which the face-to-face work at school is complemented with a wide variety of digital materials.

In Moodle you can create forums, surveys, lessons, digital books, assignments, glossaries, self-correcting quizzes, wikis, workshops and many other types of activities. You can also find other resources freely available on the Internet (videos, texts, images, blog articles, etc.) and integrate them in your Moodle courses.

This wide variety of resources contributes to provide a boost of extra motivation for your students. These digital, multimedia materials will give your subject(s) an extra dimension where the students will find themselves comfortable and eager to learn.
The course has a flexible approach in order to adapt the learning outcomes to the particular needs and ICT profile of the participants.

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iDevelop Teacher Training Department (euroMind Projects)
Seville, SPANIA

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iDevelop Teacher Training Department (euroMind Projects)
iDevelop Teacher Training Department (euroMind Projects)
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