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🏫 Also available in: Drogheda, Novi Sad, Florence, and Tenerife.

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Course Description

All learners want to pass, but too often they are in the dark about how their habits and attitudes are preventing them from achieving their true potential. By negotiating and sharing evaluation processes which value behaviour and attitudes as well as procedures and contents, learners begin to take responsibility for their own education; ‘What mark did she give you? becomes ‘What mark did you earn?’

Although it can seem like a complicated maze, the evaluation and assessment process is really very simple. The first stage is to envisage goals: Where would we like our learners to get to? What qualities and skills will they need to acquire in order to achieve those goals?

This Intelligent Assessment and Evaluation course inspires you to design a set of evaluation criteria and rubrics for your own context, and implement a humanistic evaluation project in your school, which will help engage children with their education process and provide them with a route map of how to succeed, regardless of academic abilities or talents.

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