Boa Água school's response to COVID 19 school's closure

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and school shutdown in Portugal, the Boa Água school has initiated a number of new pedagogies to support student learning, including mixed commission, interactive groups and dialogic gatherings. These new methods had been introduced as part of the INCLUD-ED project, which the school joined in 2017.

The school encouraged parents’ regular presence and volunteer support in classrooms, and introducednew teaching methods tosupport student learning through dialogue and exploration of identity. The new teaching methods and the emphasis on relationships and mutual support within the school community were also key to effective remote learning during school shut-down.


This “good practice” video showcases how the Boa Àgua school cluster in Portugal improved their situation by involving parents and the local community. The school cluster got support from the INCLUD-ED project, helping them to change their processes and engage parents to obtain better attendance and school achievement. The video is subtitled in 29 languages.

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