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Publicat: 23.01.2020

HEART4LIFE project

EDUFOR will develop together with APEEV - Association for Excellence in Vocational Education a new Strategic Partnership project in the field of School Education.
Prevention of “early school leaving” remain a big European problem. Some countries need real help for fighting with this phenomenon.
In this context, our project aims to introduce conscious coaching and heartfulness method (meditation and relaxation method) into school education by developing courses for schools’ teachers. After teacher are trained, they will apply the courses with their own students during the projects. In addition, on-line socio-emotional games for pupils will be produced. We intend to address schools’ pupils aged 12-14 years confronting in the early future with “capacity exam” and facing with different psychological problems due of special needs problems (ADHD, autism, etc.) or other psychological problems like behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, etc. because of socio-economic factors (poverty, discrimination, family problems: abuses, parents working abroad, etc.)

We need to find another 2 partners with different profiles, both from one of the countries mentioned below (having over 10% ESL rate).
One partner must be an entity with European coverage and possibility to extend the project impact at European level (like ONG, educational authority/ institute, etc.) and involve staff with psychological education background. Complementary projects are required (coaching and/or heartfulness/mindfulness/yoga field, etc. )

Other partner must be a school with a high rate of potential early school leavers, aged 12-14 years facing with psychological problems described below. Psychologist or counselor inside the school and involved into the project it is a must.
If you consider to be our partner, please contact us on the email: info@edu-for.eu

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Bucuresti, ROMÂNIA

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Publicat de către Francesco Cillo

Hello, we could be interested in being a strategic partner in your Erasmus + project but our school has students between 14 and 18 years old. We have "early school leaving" problem with students that leave the school before the age of 16. If you believe that we can be your partner, let me know. Thanks. Francesco Cillo, Teacher of mathematics, computer science and support. E-mail: franco.cillo@freenet.it

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Publicat de către seda arık caner

Dear sir/madam, We're National Education Directorate in Darıca a seaside,quiet and nearest town to Istanbul and airports. We're a local authority for all types of schools in our town. DIMEM contains many guide teachers those have psyschological education background. Some of our schools in our town especially in rural areas, early school leaving is a big problem and we try to solve this issue with our teachers. For this reason term by term we schedule some trainings for teachers.Sometimes we get help from the university near our town. We can study all types of schools in this project to observe the results of the project in all ages. We want to take part in your project. For more information please write me to pinarboyali86@gmail.com Regards Pınar

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Publicat de către Ali İlengiz

Hello my dear friend I am the Principal of Izmit Secondary School. I have 750 students between the ages of 11-15. We liked your project idea. We have studies on the subject of the project in our school. We are a hard and hardworking team. We can do all kinds of help during the project writing phase We want to be a partner to your project. We are 45 km from Istanbul Airport. Our city is Kocaeli. Please, I would appreciate if you report your answer. Headmaster Ali ilengizali@gmail.com

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