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Publicat: 23.01.2020

Hello form Horyniec-Zdrój,
We are teachers from Poland, very interested in hosting English teachers for job shadowing. Our school is placed in beautiful nature place, nearby woods, famous health resort in the eastern part of Poland. We have got a lot of experience in Erasmus KA1 projects. We have allready done job shadowing with school form the Netherlands, 2 our teachers visited them as well as we were hosts of visit too. You are more than welcome in our school too.  Would you like to cooperate with us?
School website: forward to hearing from you,
Ewa Chomanska
Erasmus+ coordinator

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Publicat de către concepcion martos lopez

Hello, I’m Conchi Martos, a Spanish public school headteacher. Our school is located in Aguadulce, a town of Seville (Andalusia) in the South of Spain. This is a school with students from pre-primary level to secondary level (1st and 2nd years). In our school, we have experience working emotions in order to improve the coexistence between our students. On the other hand, in the last years, we have started-up some projects about “flamenco” (a popular Spanish kind of music, dance and culture) as a medium to express feelings and take the control of our emotions. Recently, we have won a governmental prize for a project related to “flamenco” (intangible heritage o humanity by UNESCO) and how we can use it in our classrooms in order to work on democratic values. We would like to learn different teaching practices from other countries during the school year 2020/2021 and exchange the experiences with European colleagues. Sincerely yours, Conchi Martos López. Contact: Telephone: 626695876/637015407

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Publicat de către Pedro Carlos Arboleda Rascón

Hello We are an English-Spanish bilingual school in the North of Cordoba (Andalusia), located in a rural area, and we are applying for the opportunity of making a job shadowing in the Erasmus+ call KA1. On the one hand, we are searching for a school working in new methodologies, the use of ICTs, educational innovation or projects. Apart from that, we are also interested in the way other schools deal with diversity and inclusion. On the other hand, in some of our classrooms we have to face a wide variety of levels, so we want to contact with schools which have the same situation in order to know the way they work to narrow the gap. We would be glad of receiving other schools visiting us. Contact:

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Publicat de către Eva Burin

Dear Ewa, we are a simple primary school in Hungary, Isaszeg with about 400 students (aged 6-14) and a staff of 40 teachers. Our profile is: English teaching (we are on way to apply CLIL), environmental education, improving emotional and social education and we have 3 classes with children of special needs. We have already had some experience in Erasmus+: we have just finished our first KA1 really succesfully, and have 2 ongoing projects a KA1 and a KA2 one. We are applying for our next KA1 project now (2020/2021 school year) and looking for a school to be our job shadowing partner. We would like to change experiences about innovative educational methods, emotional education, experiences in working with children with special needs and participation in Erasmus+ and other intercultural projects. We would be pleased to recieve your staff as well. I'm sure we could be good partners. Contact: Eva Burin +36 30 243 1954

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Publicat de către Sheila Escánez

Sheila. Hello! My name is Sheila Escánez I am an English teacher who works in an Education Resource Center located in Olot, la Garrotxa, Catalonia. We are planning an Erasmus + KA101 Project beginning November 2020 until October 2022 related to School Libraries and reading comprehension. Therefore, I was wondering if you could host a couple of our teachers for a Job Shadowing experience. We are really interested in the dynamization of school libraries as well as different practices, projects and methods to improve reading skills in a creative way. If you are interested, we will be very pleased to hear from you. Here is my email address:

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