Use Art Therapy for Students

This course including how we can create smart classroom in my school. Because nowadays most teacher never know any information and never have any skills about ICT or some tools. We will learn which way will make us successful and extra teacher among the friends.
How we can create so technological classroom and solve students’ problem. How our classroom become special classroom between our friends.
Nowadays lots of school and educational system changing their educational way and style fastly. We have to catch it and have good level between teachers that have very easily find job. Also pass the true information and help to our students how they can become more good students.
It is not absolutely necessary to bring a laptop or tablet. Though we advice to bring a device as it might be handy during working on intellectual outputs. We don’t provide computers.

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EuropeWithYoungsters(Genclerle Avrupa)
Konya-TURKEY/Granada-SPAIN/Dortmund-GERMANY/Kaposvar-HUNGARY, Turquia

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EuropeWithYoungsters(Genclerle Avrupa)
EuropeWithYoungsters(Genclerle Avrupa)
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