The Gamification method in education has started to be used widely today. Game design and game elements are used in adult and child education to get more efficiency from education. Educators frequently resort to games/gamification in their training in order to keep the motivation of the individuals participating in the training high and to ensure that they get maximum efficiency from their education.

It is the learning environment that supports the learning processes, where the information necessary for solving or winning the situation is embedded in the game context, where the players have tasks such as researching, developing, and discussing this knowledge.

In game-based learning, there is a game context in the position of teaching material or tool that is based on it and specially designed to provide acquisition, concept, skill, and teaching. Developing a game that will provide game-based learning requires good field knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Therefore, in our course, teachers will learn what game-based learning is, the principles of designing games suitable for class levels, and the techniques of learning and adapting existing games.

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Global Education Center B.V.
Brussels, Bélgica

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