Integrating Stem Education into classrooms

STEM Education reinforces children's natural curiosity, their desire to explore their environment and objects in their living spaces. The STEM approach supports these desires of children and enables them to make inventions and grow up as lifelong learners. With STEM applications of preschool students, computational thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship, creativity, collaborative work and questioning thinking skills are developed.
It is important for students to have basic science and engineering knowledge in order to follow scientific and technological developments and to follow global problems from an early age. Emphasis on engineering at all levels is critical in terms of learning, academic achievement, understanding the nature of engineering, and increasing interest in engineering and technology. It is critical that STEM applications become an important part of education from an early stage.

STEM education is an approach that is expected to cover the process from preschool to higher education. In the program, which is implemented from pre-school to primary school level, STEM approach, which allows students to develop their entrepreneurship skills, contributes to the training of more productive individuals who produce qualified solutions to problems. Bringing students in this age group together with science, mathematics, engineering and mathematics in a thematic approach also makes it necessary to develop teachers with a sustainable perspective. In this sense, there is a need for teachers who will implement activities that focus on different disciplines together. STEM applications that provide an atmosphere where both teachers and students can develop together as learners should be supported from an early age.

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