Socialisation to prevent gender violence in schools

Education stakeholders dedicated to the goal of “living together” have organised committees in most learning communities in Spain. These committees are comprised of teachers, family members and students, and are dedicated to identifying everyday conflicts in schools. Once a committee has decided which area it wants to tackle, a deliberative and participatory process involving the whole learning community is launched.

The goal is to establish new schoolwide rules based on whole community consensus and endorsement. All members of the learning community are invited to engage in an extensive process of reflection on conflict and on how to construct a school free of violence. Deliberation is carried out through various processes, including teachers’ board meetings, diverse community assemblies, in-class debates, teacher training, and so on. This process has been important for raising awareness and ensuring that violence is not normalised, and strengthening the learning communities so that it they are able to isolate and respond to violent behaviour.

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