E-COURSE project – Enhancing the participation of migrant and refugee children

Imagem: E-COURSE project

The E-COURSE project aims to improve the access, participation, and learning performance of newly arrived migrants and refugee children in primary school education in Germany, Greece, Italy, France, and Cyprus and at European level to promote their overall integration into the host societies.

The project will help teachers and school staff address the learning needs of migrant and refugee children and provide them with valuable skills and the tools to do so. The project will contribute to enhancing participation and improving the performance of newly arrived migrant and refugee students in primary schools, tackling early school leaving.

The project outputs include:

  • Learning modules – for teachers and school staff to effectively address equality, diversity, and inclusion;
  • A school support platform – to facilitate schools in supporting the active participation of migrant and refugee children and collaboration among all members of the school community;
  • A Methodology – for developing and implementing school diversity policies and action plans.
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Alemanha; Chipre; França; Grécia; Itália
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