Interdisciplinary project in fine arts, music and drama

Publicado: 21.09.2021

We, a group of 33 students aged 15-16 and their three teachers from “Gymnasium Limmer”, based in Hano-ver (Northern Germany) are looking for a group/class that is interested in an art-based exchange project.
Our approved project is planned for our interdisciplinary course “Bild-Ton-Szene” (translates to “picture-sound-scene”) combining fine arts, music, and drama.

Our formal focus of interest this year is working with masks in theatre and combining dramatic work with music and fine arts (photography, videomaking, set/costume design). The content of our work is still adapta-ble but is probably going to circle around any one of these topics: Mental health, democracy and diversity, human connections, or environmental activism.

Amount of students:

15-16 (grade 10)

families, (hostel)

We would like to collaborate with a European group that is interested in our project idea and maybe even has experience in setting up fine arts projects.
The exchange group should be around the same size (ca. 30 students) and similar age (15-17).

Our preferred first step would be to establish a digital exchange (possibly starting in Novem-ber/December 2021) in which the students can get to know each other (eg. via video conference, posting one’s profile e.g. in a “padlet”).
If possible, students and teachers could then present and exchange their ideas and current artistic work and develop a shared common project.

Final aim:
Our goal is to visit the exchange group in May/June 2022. In our one week visit, we would like to work on a collaborative final art show in which the ideas and shared creative project can come together. The final show could be an actual exhibition/show/presentation/art installation or a digital/online presenta-tion.

The exchange group is also very welcome to visit our students and school in Hanover.

Tipo de organização pretendida
Escola/Centro de Formação
País da organização desejada
Bulgária; Bélgica; Chipre; Croácia; Dinamarca; Eslováquia; Eslovénia; Espanha; Estónia; Finlândia; França; Grécia; Hungria; Irlanda; Itália; Letónia; Lituânia; Luxemburgo; Malta; Países Baixos; Polónia; Portugal; República Checa; Roménia; Suécia; Áustria
Prioridades específicas da área na educação escolar
Reforçar a capacidade de organização e o reconhecimento de períodos de aprendizagem no estrangeiro; Reforçar o desenvolvimento de competências essenciais
01.11.2021 » 30.06.2022
Gymnasium Limmer (eTwinning verificado)
Escola/Centro de Formação
Hannover, Alemanha

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Publicado por Doriana Papile

Hello, i would like more information on the partnership for high school students. We are based in Italy and have already been coordinators of Erasmus plus K2 project which has one an award for Best Practises. Please send more information on your project. DP (Italy)

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Publicado por Vicky Leloup

hello! We are a school in Antwerp (Belgium) and we have the courses: fashion, jewelry, graphic and audiovidual arts, graphic design (print etc), ... for students 12-18 years old. Further there are a lot of interesting art, fashion, photography, diamant,... musea in Antwerp we could visit or do common activities/workshops. We never participated in Erasmus before but it has been on our to do list the last years to start with exchanges with our students. We are part of a group of several schools in our region and we have many colleagues at the other schools who are very experienced in Erasmus and can support us with the application etc. If you are still looking for an exchange partner do not hesitate to contact us!

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Publicado por silvia belicchi

HI, I'm a teacher of theatre in Rome and i'm very interested in this project. I teach in a high school and our student are from 14 to 18 years old. We have a long experience in Erasmus project and mobilities. We have a long tradition in inclusion ,and we use art and drama for this aim.Could you give me more information about your project? I look forward from hearing to you at my address Silvia

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Publicado por Ester Fascitiello

Hi from Italy! We are an Italian Secondary school with about 1000 students and 120 teachers, near Naples, south of Italy. We are working in an Erasmus+ project with Austria at the moment and we have already taken part into eTwinning projects. We have several courses for students aged 14-19; we have one in classical drama with an acting company and a musical course with an orchestra of about 80 students. We find the project you have proposed very interesting and we would be very glad to be one of your partners. Please contact me at: Kind regards Ester

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Gymnasium Limmer
Gymnasium Limmer


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