Erasmus+ KA 210 SCH-STEM

Publicado: 10.09.2021

We are preparing the KA210 SCH project related to STEM.
We are a primary school in Antalya.
We need 1 coordinator (from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden), we will carry out personnel mobility in our project.
We want to experience STEM practices in different countries on site and update our STEM practices in our school.

Once the project is accepted, all partners are expected to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

Tipo de organização pretendida
Escola/Centro de Formação; Instituição governamental; Organização sem fins lucrativos
País da organização desejada
Alemanha; Dinamarca; Espanha; Finlândia; França; Itália; Polónia; Suécia
Prioridades específicas da área na educação escolar
Aumentar os níveis de conclusão e o interesse na ciência, tecnologia, engenharia e matemática (CTEM)
01.11.2021 » 01.11.2023
Cengiz Topel ilkokulu
Instituição governamental
KEPEZ, Turquia

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Publicado por Saramaria Cicero

Dear colleagues, This is Saramaria Cicero, President and Legal Representative of “Accademia IRSEI APS - Research Institute for Development, Economy and Innovation”, a no profit association based in Palermo, Italy. By means of this message, I would like to express our interest in receiving additional information about your organization and your project idea in order to discuss the possibility of establishing a collaboration. Accademia IRSEI promotes studies and research in fields such as innovation, technology, education and entrepreneurship. Through our activities, we aim to foster individual and community development through the creation of innovative tools in educational and professional fields, pursuing the objective of developing personal and professional skills while encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and promoting social values. Accademia IRSEI operates since 2019. Its activities are led by project managers with previous experience in the design and management of EU and national projects. Our team is reliable, committed and hard-working. The people composing the team have different academic and professional background, reason for which we are able to approach different topics with professionalism. We are currently implementing a KA2 innovation for VET in the field of circular economy for social enterprises as well as several KA1 for VET in which we are supporting the participants with their settlement in the city, facilitating the integration processes in the hosting enterprises and providing career guidance. Soon, we will start the project DITRAVET, a KA226 dealing with the enhancement of digital skills for VET. Please, find here the link to our PIF to have additional insights on our profile and experience: . For further info concerning Accademia IRSEI, please contact our project manager, Ms. Maria Lombardo, at If you think that a partner with our profile can be a valuable resource for the advancement of your project, we are willing to discuss how we could concretely contribute to its development. Even if we still didn't implement projects related to STEM, our project managers have previously worked with this topic and we have relevant connections in our network that would allow us to identify interesting inspiring practices in our city. Looking forward to receiving your reply, I would like to thank you for your attention and wish you a nice day. Best regards, Saramaria Cicero President and Legal Representative at Accademia IRSEI APS

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Publicado por Tahir Yorulmaz

Thank you for your interest, but you are very experienced for KA210 projects. We are looking for institutions and organizations with no experience or less experience with a maximum of 2 projects accepted in the last 5 years.

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Publicado por Nelo Mascarós-Marco

I work in a Valencian public school, Spain, and we are interested in joining you. We have never participated before in any Erasmus+ project, so being a partner would be the perfect role for us. If you need someone from Spain, just let me know by mail Regards, Nelo.

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Publicado por Ненка Рашева

Hello, We are a vocational high school from the town of Pirdop, Bulgaria. The school trains students from 13 to 18 years in professions in the field of automation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, economics and administration. We have experience in ERASMUS projects - two KA 1 projects and two KA 2 teachers. The teachers are young and very motivated to work in this field. Pirdop is a small town near the capital Sofia. If you are interested, please write to

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Cengiz Topel ilkokulu
Cengiz Topel ilkokulu


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