AI-Curriculum for Adult Education

Publicado: 19.03.2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly shaping the discussion about the future of work and society on an international scale. The German Federal Government has recently passed an AI-Strategy - and business leaders have already recognized how fundamentally AI might change their processes.

However, many people do not feel included in the ongoing discussions. Scepticism or even fear towards the impact of AI on their every day lives at home and at work is common. The lack of knowledge about AI’s basic functions, the impact, risks and opportunities is a major problem. AI cannot stay a phenomenon reserved just for a small group of specialized experts.

With the project „AI Curriculum for Adult Education“ we are developing the curriculum for a basic course aimed at adults that are employed or seek employment. The participants do not need to have previous experience in the field of AI.

As part of the project we

- identify the relevant subject areas,
- develop appropriate learning goals,
- work out the curriculum for every topic,
- design the course structure,
- develop all teaching materials
- and train educational institutions from every member country represented in the project to use the curriculum.

The AI curriculum will be published with a free license and can thus be used by all adult education institutions for further and advanced trainings.

We are currently looking for international partners interested in admitting a joint proposal for „ErasmusPLUS“ with us.

Please contact us anytime if you have expertise in developing curricula, developing learning materials, have a network of educational organisations in your country or if you have expertise in the field of AI.

Tipo de organização pretendida
Empresa privada; Ensino superior; Escola/Centro de Formação; Instituição governamental; Organização sem fins lucrativos
País da organização desejada
Bulgária; Bélgica; Chipre; Croácia; Dinamarca; Eslováquia; Eslovénia; Espanha; Estónia; Finlândia; França; Grécia; Hungria; Irlanda; Itália; Letónia; Lituânia; Luxemburgo; Malta; Países Baixos; Polónia; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; Roménia; Suécia; Áustria
Prioridades específicas da área na educação escolar
Aumentar os níveis de conclusão e o interesse na ciência, tecnologia, engenharia e matemática (CTEM); Promover uma abordagem global de ensino e aprendizagem de línguas
01.09.2020 » 31.08.2022
Empresa privada
Berlin, Alemanha

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Publicado por Anestis Papadopoulos

We are interested in your project. Pi tech has a long experience in design and develop a)Framework in key competences (digital, entrepreneursip, STEM, social and civic) b)Training scheme for educators c)Adapt relevant pedagogical approaches and strategies d)Provide Assessment and self assessment tools Among the team apart from experts in education and training there is: -A Dr. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning -A cand. Phd at AI in Education and Training Moreover we can suggest you ohter partners from our network. If you find us suitable contact at: Available for skype: anestis.papadopoulos

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Publicado por Francesca Bellomo

Dear colleague, I'm Francesca writing you again on behalf of Social Cooperative "AURIVE" ( from northern West Italy. We're non-profit organisation, working in the field of non formal education, vocational education and job services. We manage job services desks in main vocational high schools in Piedmont region (some of our schools have courses on robotics and so). We are experienced in Erasmus Ka2 adult chapter and now we are coordinating a Ka2 partnership with 6 countries on topic of volunteering as a tool for empowerment and employability. In all of our activities we include Ict not AI yet (fablab in high schools, gamification, e learning, ict) We are really interested in being partner and we could coonect it to our activites such as: - coaching programs to support youth startupper to design and start their business - informative sessions at school for information and guidance about youth employability/entrepreneurhip - job services in the frame of youth guarantee and erasmus young entrepreneurs - non formal education programs for the empowerment of relevant skills for employability we can send you our partner identification and we are ready to cooperate for project develpment moreover we are also appling for a Ka on the topic of re skiling and could invite you. We really hope it will be possible to cooperate, and also to keep contacts to develop shared ideas Thanks for the attention, all the best Francesca Bellomo mobile: +39 348 364945 or (please use both)

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