Looking for schools + partners for K201 project: Virtual Reality application training for vocational orientation and school lessons

Publicado: 04.03.2020

Early vocational orientation and the promotion of key vocational qualifications help to ensure smooth transitions from school to work. Schools have an important role to play in career guidance to help students make the right career choices and provide them with ongoing support along the way. This includes assistance in preparing application documents as well as preparing for a job interview.

The project would like to develop new approaches for an innovative and digital career orientation at schools. Application training is particularly effective under realistic conditions. The use of 360° videos and Virtual Reality devices creates an immersive learning experience, giving students a realistic insight into the process of an interview in a company and preparing them optimally for their entry into the professional life. At the same time, teachers expand their skills in dealing with digital teaching units.

The VR aplication training complements existing vocational orientation measures and can be flexibly integrated into lessons. Schools will have access to modern technology without having to make major purchases and adjustments to the existing technical infrastructure.

Currently we are looking for schools and other institutions, who are interested in (digital) vocational orientation and would like to participate in the project.

We are open for ideas and your contributions to the project.

If you have questions or would like to get more information on the project, please contact us anytime.

Tipo de organização pretendida
Empresa privada; Ensino superior; Escola/Centro de Formação; Instituição governamental; Organização sem fins lucrativos
País da organização desejada
Alemanha; Bulgária; Bélgica; Bósnia-Herzegovina; Chipre; Croácia; Dinamarca; Eslováquia; Eslovénia; Espanha; Estónia; Finlândia; França; Geórgia; Grécia; Hungria; Irlanda; Islândia; Itália; Letónia; Lituânia; Luxemburgo; Malta; Noruega; Países Baixos; Polónia; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; Roménia; Suécia; Turquia; Áustria
Prioridades específicas da área na educação escolar
Reforçar o desenvolvimento de competências essenciais
01.09.2020 » 31.08.2022
Empresa privada
Berlin, Alemanha

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Publicado por U Herath

Hello there, We will be very pleased to collaborate with the Erasmus + project. Please email info@languagesolution.co.uk Thanks

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Publicado por Gabriel Popescu

Hello ! We are a vocational high school „Constantin Brailoiu” Arts High School from Targu Jiu, Romania. We would be very happy to work with you on this project. We are currently involved in an erasmus + project. We look forward to your response, if you agree, to start the work first. Contact: erasmus.artegorj@gmail.com All the best, Gabriel

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Publicado por ISIL KAHYA

Hello! We can be partners as Directorate of National Education and high school from Turkey. Please email kahya.isil@gmail.com Thank you!

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Hello! We are a Secondary and vocational school, age 12 to 18 and above. We are interested in participating on an Erasmus K2 project. We are involved at this moment in two K1 projects. We can be interested in your project. Could you please contact us so we can talk about it? laura.martinez.sevilla@iessanandres.com

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Publicado por figen altintas

Hello. We are the district national education directorate. We coordinate 26 institutions that are pre-school, primary, high school and adult education centers in the district. We have two stem laboratories in the district and we have carried out many local projects in this district. We are ready to fulfill the tasks related to the project. We would like to work with you if you wish. Erdek District Directorate of National Education / Balıkesir-Turkey Contact:kefaltintas@gmail.com Institution web: http: //erdek.meb.gov.tr/ District Introduction Movie: https: //youtu.be/JhOBTV5eNhg

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Publicado por Ayşin Lacin Durgun

hello I'm a teacher at a public school in Adana. Adana is a city in the southern part of Turkey. my school name is the beautiful art school. my school offers music and painting education. There are 240 students and 45 teachers at my school. The age range of my students is 14-18. my students are selected with a special aptitude test. I am the project coordinator at my school. we would like to know more about the project. I expect information from you. if you would like more information about us, please feel free to contact us. we have Erasmus + experience All the best my mail address: ageomat@gmail.com http://cukurovagsl.meb.k12.tr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUXK33sD8eg (promotion of the city)

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Publicado por Cristina Ceccarelli

Hello from Italy! We are an organization working with schools all over Europe and found this idea extremely interesting. If you want to enter into contact with us, please email to info@euphorianet.it Have a nice day! Cristina

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Publicado por Ileana Dogaru

Hello, I am a professor at a college with technical specializations in Romania, Craiova city. We train students between 15 and 19 years old in the professions of mechatronics, electrical engineering, automation. We would like to participate in a project and we are looking for partners who already have a project and would like to collaborate with us. We are happy to work with any partner schools. We would like to learn from our partner schools and share our knowledge. E-mail: ileanadogaru@hotmail.com

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