The Gallifrey Takeover - Who's In?

Publicado: 31.12.2019

A K229 project (strategic partnership) for students between 10-14 (in most countries Primary schools).

We are searching for creative, interesting and hard-working partners who are willing to ‘think outside the box’.

Looking at the title of the project you need to impress us with what YOU think the project is going to be about (maximum 100 words). We would also like a short description of your school – again something unusual but interesting. We will pick the most interesting partner for our project – it is going to be a bit like a competition.

Apologies for the strangeness of this announcement, but we have no time for boring, uncreative partners, who just talk and do nothing.

Good luck!

Tipo de organização pretendida
Escola/Centro de Formação
País da organização desejada
Alemanha; Bulgária; Bélgica; Chipre; Croácia; Dinamarca; Eslováquia; Eslovénia; Espanha; Estónia; Finlândia; França; Grécia; Hungria; Irlanda; Islândia; Itália; Letónia; Listenstaine; Lituânia; Luxemburgo; Malta; Noruega; Países Baixos; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; Suécia; Áustria
Prioridades específicas da área na educação escolar
Promover uma abordagem global de ensino e aprendizagem de línguas; Reforçar o desenvolvimento de competências essenciais
01.09.2020 » 31.08.2022
Szkola Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi w Tychach
Escola/Centro de Formação
Tychy, Polónia

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Publicado por Ivana Jukić Štrbac

Hi, my name is Ivana, I am from Croatia. I am an English teacher and I work in an elementary school with kids from 10 to 14. Anyway, you got me hooked. What is your project about? Dr Who, Time Lords, comics, history, astronomy..? If you want, you can contact me on my email: p.s. "Bow ties are cool!"

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Publicado por Laura Tagliaferri

Hi, intergalactic travellers! We are a spacecraft that took off from Milan, Italy, Europe, World, Milky Way. Our time travellers are now 11-14 years old, but who knows when they will force the quantum force field or the transduction barrier? We are an hard-working and creative space-partner. We have just finished 2 Erasmus Ka2 Time Travels. In our spaceshuttle, kids can learn maths, history and science, but also to make ceramic vases, play chess or design robots. Gallifrey is a non-Place and non-Time, it's a future to imagine and to build: it's the challenge of education. If you want to conquer Gallifrey with us, here we are! Laura

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Hello, My name is Francisco Javier, bilingual coordinator of a bilingual school on the southeastern of Spain, located in Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia). We are a group of teachers who are really hardworkings and would like to promote cultural differences around Europe. My school has around 175 students in Primary Education. I would really like to work on cultural differences such as food, languages, cultural traditions and so many other things realted to culture. If you really look for a strong partner, you can count on us. Kind Regards, Javi

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Publicado por Filiz Abadol

Why not be Turkish partner in your spacehip to travel in past and future? A different viewpoint from a different culture and heritage would enhance and enrich the travel. Hello, I'm Filiz from Istanbul Turkey,Let's meet where the continents meet; just at the heart of the beautiful old city of Istanbul. We are Vedide Baha Pars Secondary School. We have already had an Erasmus project so we are experienced. We have robotics, coding awards (in Poland, Romania and South Korea) sports, arts, literature awards on local, national scale. We have 1243 students (10-14 year), science lab, music, art, computer labs.I have been a coordinator for two more Erasmus projects before. Therefore we are familiar to all the procedures and the process.We have had environmental, cultural projects. We would like to welcome you at the center of Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman history, heritage and tolerance.My name is Ms.Filiz Anadol. My e-mail address is Best regards

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Publicado por mehmet özdemir

Hi! We are a school inAnkara, TurkeyWe are a hard-working, enthusiastic, experienced and reliable partner.Your project is really interesting to us, we have some experience on this topic in so far as we: • are both a technical school whose characterizing study subjects, depending on the course, are ICT, metalworks, carpenter tech., plumping tech.Manufacturing and electric -electronics whose curriculum emphasises the link between the humanistic tradition and scientific culture • plan school-work experiences for our students even abroad . already have a project at school We want to learn much more through the exchange of good practises. Our students are 7-18 years old and we are interested in students&staff mobility (KA2). If you want to cooperate with us, here we are! You can write at Mehmet OZDEMIR ,, contact person

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Publicado por Georgios Nastos

Hello. My name is Nastos Georgios and I am a principal and a teacher at Anavra Agia Larissa Elementary School. I am interested in Erasmus programs related to teacher mobility in European countries with environmental issues as well as school finances. My email is of my school is Thanks.

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Publicado por SP14 Tychy

Dear friends! Thank you, for your interest in the project, but unfortunately we already have a full set of partner now. Perhaps next year we’ll be able to work together on a different project. Regards, Project Coordinator

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Publicado por Sara Pederiva

Hello, We are a primary and lower secondary school with students aged from 10 -14 located in the North East of Italy, about 50 km far from Venice, and surrounded by the Prosecco hills of the Unesco heritage. We are new to Erasmus plus and we are looking for a project coordinator K229 who is interested in partnering with an Italian school. We are used to hard working and we would like our students to move around to exchange good practices and to be involved in authentic English speaking experiences with peers. Our motto is: share culture! We are looking for a project/partner schools interested in the areas of CLIL, STEM, culture, social issues, protection of the environment and extra curricular activities. We would like to support your projects and we are interested in topics concerning the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2030; reinforcement of the European Key competences; promotion of an inclusive attitude about teaching and learning; Innovative Learning Environments, STEM. My e-mail address is

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Szkola Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi w Tychach
Szkola Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi w Tychach


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