Watersports: wave surfing, sailing, windsurfing, ... in the schoolcurriculum

Publicado: 21.02.2017

The main goal of our project is to integrate watersports in general into the schoolcurriculum.
In that way we motivate students, we aim for less drop out and prepare them for later life professional skills

We're looking for partners who are willing to exchange good practices and experiences in the field of integrating watersports in the schoolcurriculum.

Tipo de organização pretendida
Escola/Centro de Formação
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Alemanha; Argélia; Arménia; Azerbaijão; Bielorrússia; Bulgária; Bélgica; Bósnia-Herzegovina; Chipre; Croácia; Dinamarca; Egipto; Eslováquia; Eslovénia; Espanha; Estónia; Finlândia; França; Geórgia; Grécia; Hungria; Irlanda; Islândia; Israel; Itália; Jordânia; Letónia; Listenstaine; Lituânia; Luxemburgo; Líbano; Líbia; Macedónia do Norte; Malta; Marrocos; Noruega; Palestina; Países Baixos; Polónia; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; República da Moldávia; Roménia; Rússia; Suécia; Sérvia; Síria; Tunísia; Turquia; Ucrânia; Áustria
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Blankenberge, Bélgica

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Publicado por Kamil-Zehra Kocataş

Hi, We are a secondary school,located in Konya in Turkey.We'd like to cooperate in your KA2 project. We have a hardworking and an eager team.We can also help ypu to fill in the project form. Pls,inform me. Looking forward to hearing EMAİL : kamilkocatas@gmail.com all the best,,, KAMİL

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Publicado por Uğur TÜRK

We are a primary school in Tokat city of Turkey. Our school has both kindergarten and primary school students. We would like to work with you on this project. We have young, hardworking teachers who are willing to participate in the projects. This year we want to partner with a Ka2 project. If you accept it, let's start working immediately. We have pic number. e-mail:ugurturk1986@gmail.com

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Publicado por TEZAY ÜNER

Hello, greeting from Turkey. Our school is a Sports high school in Ankara which is the capital city of Turkey. Our school has 20 teachers and 260 students. The age group of students is 15- 18. There are many branches, such as basketball, football, wrestling as well as volleyball in our school. We’d like to cooperate in your KA2 project. İf you want us to be a partner of your project, it would be great for us. We are waiting your feedback. Best regards…Tezay ÜNER …my email is tzyunr@gmail.com

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Publicado por Ariel Kowalikowski

Dear Madam/Sir, we are a primary school in Poland. The school is located in the Masurian Lake District. We teach pupils age 6 – 14. In our school we focus on new technologies and sport. This year we have launched sailing classes (our school is located next to a big lake and water sports are very popular in our region). That is why we are very interested in joining your project. Please feel free to contact me anytime: arielkow@interia.pl, http://www.sp18.olsztyn.pl/. Best regards, Ariel (English teacher).

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Publicado por Ana Filipa Gomes

Hello, my name is Filipa and I am a member of “AExplica”. “AExplica” is a private tuttoring center for children between 6 and 18 years old, and we differ ourselves by the use of technology in our classes. The will for being ahead of our students educational needs led us to a market revolucion in educational business in our Region. Our classes are now supported by the latest techonology, with the use of interactive boards, interactive table, tablets and e-blocks. AExplica received the support of the Regional Government through “Empreendinov” that is meant for avant-garde projects. Located in the center in Funchal - the capital city of Madeira Island, in Portugal, our company has about 350 students per year. Although we have not participated in Eramus+ projcets yet, we are members of an active team who is hardworking and interested in getting this experience. Besides, one of our volunteer tutors had worked and is working on Eramus+ projects in her school of work and has offered herself to be our advisor. Moreover, the Regional Project Manager is also helping us on our first steps into Eramus+ Projects. Your project has caught our attention, therefore, we are higly motivated to work hard, exchange ideas and take part in your Erasmus+ project. I am Filipa, the design and communication department manager and my e-mail is: aexplica.dec@gmail.com Hoping to hear from you soon, Best Regards. Filipa Gomes

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Hi! We really would like to take part in a KA2 project as a partner and we think that we could make a good approach in primary and secondary stages. So we are really keen to work in a KA2 partnership. We are a Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School in Castelvetrano (Sicily). We have nearly 1300 students and we are looking forward to working as a partner in a KA2 partnership. We are interested as we have the Mediterranean sea at 12 Km far from our town. We are famous for the biggest archeological park in Europe, Selinunte. We are situated in the west part of Sicily where the America's Cup took place a few years ago, because it is a very windy area. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if we could fit on your project. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely.

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Maerlant Atheneum Blankenberge
Maerlant Atheneum Blankenberge


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