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This course is a kind of teacher training course which aims to observe the Education System in Finland and try the understand the hallmarks of the success they gain. It is a well-known reality that Finnish education is of high quality. The goal is for everyone to have an equal opportunity to receive high-quality education and to grow up to become active citizens.
You can read a lot about the Finnish Schools, their success, and the important points in their Education System. Our main aim for that course is to enable our participants to learn about the Finnish education system, experience it during the school visits, class observations, and bring the best practices to their home countries.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will
- Have a vision of the school system and its quality elements in Finland (and Estonia – optional)
- Visit Finnish schools, have a chance to meet the teachers and the students, and observe their teaching and learning environments.
- Have information on the quality plan, inclusion, didactical approaches, special needs education, and ICT integration in the Finnish (and Estonian) school systems.
- Discus the hallmarks of the education system in Finland (and Estonia) with teacher and management staff.

Objectives of the course
- Understanding the main factors of the Finnish Education System’s Success
- Comparing the education system of your country with the Finnish Education System
- Building Learning Portfolios and focusing on the most important points
- Experiencing the real-life environment in Finnish School
- Observing classes and learning by living

- Presentations
- Questioning & Answering & Discussing
- Brainstorming
- Observation
- Case Studies
- Interviewing specialists

Target group
- Teachers, trainers, educators, school administrators, etc.

Before the course,
- A detailed pre-course questionnaire to indicate their level of experience, teaching backgrounds, and training will be completed by participants.
- They will also prepare a presentation to reflect their teaching method.

- A course participation certificate will be given to all participants.
- A Europass Mobility Certificate will be given if the participant demands it, as well.

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