Publicado: 02.11.2020

Dear all,
being the coordinator of a KA1 project, Enjoy Italy is looking for job-shadowing hosting VET and technical schools related to tourism and/or economics that are able to host a virtual job-shadowing with Italian teachers, but also principals and officers, coming from similar institutions.

These are the subjects we are mainly interested in:
• economy/business administration/administration
• accounting / accounting / finance
• marketing / communications / psychology
• law
• economic geography
• foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish)
• cooking
• tourist/hotel reception
• lounge and bar (waiters and barmen)
• travel agency/tour operator operations
• informatics/ICT.

In addition, we are pretty much interested in the CLIL methodology, as well as in any innovative methods and tools for teaching and learning.

As for the administrative officers, these are the topics we are interested in:
• evaluation
• internships and work experiences
• job orienteering
• external relations
• international mobility.

The activity should last 45 hours minimum (no matter how many days).

We are primarily looking for schools located in ES, DE, UK and FR, but other Countries may be accepted.

Our original plan was to realise a physical mobility and we still hope to do it in the next future, but due to the pandemic emergency, we have now to focus on a virutal mobility.
Hence, we may have a blended mobiity: first step on-line and afterwards in presence.

If interested, please contact us via email to education(at)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
Enjoy Italy team

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