Jobshadowing in Best Schools of Turkey

Anatolia Education offers you a life long experiences in the scope of jobshadowing programs to be held in the best schools in magnificient cities of Turkey, İstanbul, İzmir and Antalya.
Teachers and administrative staff of all levels from kindergartens to High Schools can participate in our programs and experience the best practices on ICT based classes, Project Based Teaching, STEM&Robtics&Coding teaching Techniques at schools, Encouraging Creativity and Entrepereneurship at Schools, Managing the Cultural Diversity at Education, etc.

The dates and the Programs can be modified depending on the requirements of the groups.

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22.10.2018 » 26.10.2018

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Publicado por Ewa Sroka

Hallo, We are 5 teachers from primary school in Poland. We've never had an experience with KA1 before so it would be great if could guide us. We are looking for partners to complete the KA1 project. We are interested in job shadowing at school . My mail:

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