Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and Bullying Prevention - Berlin

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Available in: Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Florence

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Course Description

This course has been created for teachers who want to guide their classes through the tensions, relational struggles, and aggressive behavior among students which can inhibit learning and create an unfavorable classroom environment.

Participants will learn to distinguish between conflict, different forms of bullying, and alternative forms of aggression which can become detrimental to academic motivation, self-image, and community building.
Teachers will explore the healthy aspects of conflict and learn strategies that encourage more effective communication and social skills, through a range of activities easily adapted to any classroom. Tools such as Peer Mediation, Circle Time, Active Listening, and Reformulation are key to creating an environment that accepts conflict as a potential opportunity for growth. Through hands-on activities, participants will increase their understanding of group dynamics and their own ability to model and encourage active listening, empathy and emotional literacy among children, pre-adolescents and adolescents: today's students and tomorrow's active citizens.

By the end of the course, teachers will enjoy a greater awareness of their students' emotional needs and their potential for social and individual growth and will acquire specific tools and strategies to promote a positive climate in school and prevent destructive relational patterns.

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Course category: Classroom Management

Classroom Management: Do you want your students to be more focused in class? Thanks to the new educational techniques (such as the flipped classroom, project-based learning, remote teaching, collaborative learning, student-centered learning) your students will participate in class with more enthusiasm creating a fruitful and healthier classroom environment. In our Classroom Management courses, you will enhance your ability to include students with special needs and motivate everyone. Furthermore, you will have the chance of learning how to manage a multicultural classroom and prevent possible conflicts.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Germany
Berlin, Niemcy

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"Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Bullying Prevention". The name of the course was very interesting and we learnt about different theories regarding the topics, but I missed some more practical examples and real cases about everyday life in the classroom, since dealing with conflict and implementing emotional intelligence are tasks that all of us teachers have to face on a regular basis. The course would have been much more useful with more practical activities. The course provider was ok and the teacher (just one) was professional and a good communicator, but with a short experience in the company (and the city), and none as a primary or secondary teacher, which resulted in her proper theoretical knowledge not being very valuable for us, who need to implement the materials learnt in the course in our everyday life as teachers in our classrooms.

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I always enjoy learning with the help of group of people from other places, because other teachers share their ideas. I have also enjoyed the city of Berlín and its culture. But I might say that the course did not provide me with a lot of information.

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Mi experiencia ha sido satisfactoria. El formador dinamizó de manera adecuada las clases. He puesto un 4 en lugar de un 5 porque me ha faltado más experiencia de contenido.

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I have enjoyed the course because always is a great opportunity to share experiences with others colleagues and it’s bring me more knowledge about the country that I visit. But this time I think the course has been a bit light.

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I had a very good experience. The trainer was giving us Shortly and corectly informations that were followed by many exercises. I found out many informations from other countries So now i will implementa these things in my country. The course was dynamic, we shared experiences, thoughts, informations, the trainer gave us suplimentary explications were they were need.

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The course was a mixture between theoretical and practical information, and it was very interactive. The provider was helpful, and the trainer was kind and resourceful.

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Buona esperienza per un corso che è stato laboratoriale e ha posto sempre il confronto tra i discenti prima di ogni altro aspetto. Le parti teoriche erano comunque abbastanza approfondite e la docente ha dato diversi spunti per continuare a indagare su diversi argomenti. Sicuramente il corso ha migliorato la mia preparazione da docente. Forse si sarebbe potuti scendere maggiormente nei dettagli chiedendo nelle settimane precedenti ai docenti la loro esperienza circa gli argomenti del corso e se fosse necessario soffermarsi su un aspetto piuttosto che su un altro

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Esperienza molto buona in generale sia per i contenuti (capacità di interazione sociale e di gestione dei conflitti) che per la modalità di esecuzione: contenuti teorici, attività pratiche operative e lavoro di gruppo. Interessante il contesto classe che ha offerto ricchi spunti di confronto e riflessione.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Germany
Europass Teacher Academy - Germany
Rating: 4/533 użytk.


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