How to organize field trips for talented and gifted students

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Hungary has an outstanding role in supporting talent in Europe. The government spends millions of Euro on different projects for talented and gifted children. Our scool puts a great emphasis on helping talented students. This course provides you an insight of the unusual programs organized for talented and gifted children. These porgrams serve to improve their logical/critical thinking, creativity, global perspective, maintain their curiosity, develop their self-motivation, motivate them to be open to novelties, evolve their personal, unique way of thinking. This course seem to be organized for science teachers. In reality it provides new approaches for any kinds of teachers. It is so inspiring that your methodological refreshment is guaranteed. During the course the participiants visit irregular obsrvatory, digital learning centre, different kinds of technical playgrounds, interactive scientific playground, experience centres, escape rooms.
Detailed porgram:
1st day: arrival, welcome drink

2nd day: Budapest: Castle of Mysteries (

3rd day: Mosonmagyaróvár, interactive, scientific playground (

4th day: Győr: techncal playground (

5th day: Székesfehérvár: digital learning centre: ( virtual tour in CERN

6th day: Bakonybél: Observatory (

7th day: planing to return soon, travelling home.

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Maggam LTD
Fehérvárcsurgó, Węgry

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