4C s: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking - Malaga, Spain

Rating: 5/55 użytk.

Teachers will learn different ways and methods to foster their students to become creative and critical thinkers as well as collaborators and problem solvers.

All for that to create the learning contexts that facilitate the atmosphere where students can develop and explore confidently.

The 4 C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking involve the knowledge and management of cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, that will contribute to well-being and success in life.

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idevelop Training S.L.
Malaga, Hiszpania

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I found that This 4Cs course was so flexible for our classes or students. We learnt useful techniques and information about 4Cs. Also the couse mentor ensured our active participation during the course.

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The course content is organized in a regular and fluent manner. the training and examples were interesting and meaningful. The instructor was in control of the subject. We were greeted with interest by the course center. Information was given about the program and the city. We were informed about the activities inside and outside the course. He had a professional and helpful team.

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The course was in accordence with my expectations, the mentor was well prepared, the hosting staff and the mentor were kind. However I would prefere a joint course with participants at least from one more country to share multi-cultural experiences. A better ventilated room would be also a plus.

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The course I attended, called 21st Century skills in the literature; It was about Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking. The main purpose of our project is to enable our teachers and students to acquire these skills. The course we attended was capable of increasing my awareness and skill level in these themes. The course had a detailed presentation of information on all of these themes. We also implemented activities for each theme that we could implement with our students. The trainees experienced the events themselves. Thus, permanent learning was provided. In addition, I learned about internet resources where I can find more information about these themes and activities. Thus, we were able to achieve our goals in the project to a large extent. The course center was located in the city centre. Transportation was easy. The course instructor was well-versed in the subject. He had sufficient knowledge. Communication with the trainees was excellent. The course training complied with the curriculum. He attended the start and end time of the course on time. Course officials were friendly, sincere and helpful people. The course officials were very kind to the trainees. He answered all the questions of the trainees. They responded very quickly to the e-mails we sent before the course. Thus, we reached the course center without any problems. We did not encounter any problems during our course activities. In addition, the course center offered us coffee and snacks. Course center staff were always on site to help us. The course center was very clean. The course center also took pandemic precautions. They offered a learning environment suitable for pandemic conditions. As a result, the course center where we received training; When evaluated in terms of the course trainer, the place where we studied and the course authorities, it was very suitable to carry out our project in a quality way.

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The course was what we needd in our project. The course mentor provide both technical and practical information about the 4Cs but it was mostly practical and applicable activities that we can use in the classroom and the school environment.

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idevelop Training S.L.
idevelop Training S.L.
Rating: 5/547 użytk.


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